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8 ways to improve your personality


Personality is the most important attribute of a person which makes a person popular and interesting. If a person has a good personality then people will automatically get attracted to him. Personality is also said to be the key to success because it helps you in impressing others. If you want to grow more then you need to have a good personality. Many people think that personality is something which is completely dependent on looks. But this perception of people is not true. Looks are a part of your personality but you personality is not completely dependent on your looks. So here we have some tips which will help you in grooming your personality.

1. Dressing sense


Dressing is the most important factor of your personality. A perfect dress can make you look good even if your looks are not so attractive. You should always wear something which makes you feel comfortable and confident. Additionally your attire should also match the occasion and environment. You cannot wear a casual dress in a formal event. You need to wear a formal dress if you are going in a formal event. So if you want to have a attractive and impressive personality then you need to check what you wear.

2. Interact with people


Your interaction matters a lot. The way you interact makes you attractive and impressive.  You can improve your way of interaction by interacting with people. So if you think that you are weak at interacting with people then try to socialise more. When you will meet people who are completely different from you, then you will get to learn more new things. This will make your thinking range wider. So do interact with people whenever you get a chance to interact.

3. Be a good listener


People always love to talk to someone who can listen to them properly. Whenever you get to meet new people try to listen to them. Listening will help you in gaining more and more information. But make sure that your listening isn’t making the whole conversation boring. While listening, you should give assurance to the person that you are interested in listening to him. If you will not show your interest in listening then the other person will also not be interested in talking to you.

4. Explore more and expand your interest



Everyone loves to talk to a knowledgeable person. If you have a lot of knowledge then people will automatically get attracted towards you. So you should always try to enhance your knowledge. Explore things and read more so as make yourself more knowledgeable. You should also expand your interest so that you can communicate with a person of any interest. So always try to be more knowledgeable and more interesting so that people get automatically inclined towards you.

5. Always have an opinion and have a positive outlook


People generally don’t prefer to talk to someone who has no opinion. People always get attracted towards the one who have a positive outlook. So whenever you meet people try to showcase them your positive thinking.

6. Take care of all table etiquettes


Table manners are also a part of your personality. Whenever you go out on a lunch or a dinner, always try to follow table manners. Sometimes it happens that you order those things which you cannot eat properly. So always keep this point in your mind and only order those things which you can eat properly. Your table manners can impress people easily.


7.  Impressive accent


Your pronunciation or accent is something which reflects your personality. If your pronunciation is not good the people will think that you are not from a well educated family or background. So you should always take care of your accent. If your accent is quite good but your knowledge is not up to the mark then also your accent alone can help you in impressing people. If you have a good accent then you just need a bit of confidence in you to impress people. Almost all the people will get impressed by the way you communicate. And in case if your accent is not good then you are required to work on your accent. Try not to use those words which you cannot speak properly. This technique will help you in covering your weak points.

8. The way you express


Apart from being a good listener, you should also be a good speaker. Your speaking should be such that people tend to listen when you speak or express your views. You should have the ability to keep your point in front of many people. The most important key here is confidence. If you will express your point with great confidence then everyone will listen to you. You should always try to keep your point. This technique will help you in strengthening your existence. Your technique to express should not be vague rather it should be such that people completely understand your point. It is very important for people to understand your point because they will they agree with you until and unless they understand your outlook.

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