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8 unique benefits of honey


Honey is something which is very important for your health. It is considered to be one of the finest gifts given by the nature. Honey is a complete package of all the vital ingredients which are essential for your health and skin. Honey has many advantages. Honey is used in the production of beauty products and medicines. In earlier times, people used to have great faith on its immense usefulness. Many old stories are attached with the usefulness of honey, it is said that when Cleopatra used to bath then she used to prefer honey and milk mixture for making her skin clean and healthy. Honey is extracted naturally by honey bees. Honey is a mixture of many important ingredients like it contains 80 percent of sugar and the rest 20 percent is a mix of minerals like iron, calcium, amino acids, phosphorus, water, vitamin C, vitamin B, and magnesium. Throughout the world, people are getting attracted by the advantages of honey.

1. Best moisturizer

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In many beauty products honey is used to enhance the moisturising value of the product. The presence of humectants makes it one among the most effective moisturizer. When you apply honey or honey products on your skin then honey helps in regaining the necessary water content of your skin. It makes your skin shiny and glossy. It also gives a natural elastic and agile to your skin. It protects your skin and makes it wrinkles free. And as it adds moisture to your skin so it protects your skin from dryness.

2. Healing properties

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Honey is a very efficient healer. Honey strengthens up your immunity system. Its extraordinary properties like antibacterial and antiseptic properties, protects your body from various bacterial and viral infections. As per the studies, this antibacterial property is not present in honey while extracted from the flowers. This property is added by the honey bees while extracting honey from the flowers. Honey bee adds an enzyme to honey which leads to the formation of hydrogen peroxide. And this hydrogen peroxide helps in fighting the bacterial infections.


3. Increases your stamina


Honey helps in increasing your regular stamina. It will not only increase your energy level but will also help in boosting up your stamina. Honey is always preferred by sports persons or athletes who need lot amount energy for their regular workout. As per the studies honey is considered to be the best energy booster present naturally. It helps in maintaining the glycogen level in your body. And it also helps in improving your recovery time.

4. Reduces throat problems


Honey is considered to be a very effective remedy for cough and other throat problems. As per various studies, single dose of honey is very effective medicine for all cough problems. In fact it is more effective than the single dose of dextromethorphan. A single dose of honey at night before sleep for nocturnal coughing problem will allow you to sleep comfortably without any pain.

5. Weight loss


Honey helps in balancing all parts of your body. Many people consume honey to keep themselves fit and slim. It helps in losing your weight. Mix two spoons of honey with lemon in Luke warm water and drink that mixture daily in the morning. This mixture will help you in losing all the extra weight from your body. Honey goes into your body and starts absorbing extra calories deposited in your body parts. It also makes them available at the energy required places.

6. Blood pressure regulator


It is said to be the blood pressure regulator. In spite of having sweet taste, it helps in maintaining the blood sugar level. It contains sugar but the quality of sugar is different from the artificial or white sugar. It contains a perfect and unique combination of glucose and fructose which helps in maintaining the blood sugar level of your body. Now there are many different types of honey is available in the market. Some honey have high hypoglycemic index while some have low hypoglycemic index. The one with low hypoglycemic index do not get mixed with your blood sugar.

7. Skin


If you want to make your skin perfect then you should go for honey. Application of honey on your skin will not only give a perfect look to your skin but also make your skin healthier and attractive. It keeps your skin away from harmful and dangerous bacteria. Many face packs include the honey element in them. You should always go for honey beauty products. They are very effective and useful one. In fact you can create your own beauty products by including honey with some other important ingredients like lemon, turmeric or milk cream.

8. Stops aging

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Honey has antioxidant which helps in protecting your skin from various types of skin problems. Honey helps in protecting your skin from ultraviolet rays. Honey heals up your damaged skin and also helps in regenerating your skin. Ultraviolet rays are proved to be very harmful for your skin. Overexposure to these rays can lead to skin darkening, premature aging, wrinkles and even skin cancer. Honey helps in preventing skin cancer and so honey comes in the category of anti-cancer element present naturally around you. Honey can also be used as a sunscreen to guard your skin from the sun damage.


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