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8 types of men who have successful relationships with women!

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8 types of men who have successful relationships with women!

I’ve been going through a few David Deangelo’s books and found a few things really useful. All Men who wish to know more about women’s mind (what attracts them, what makes them feel good, how to make them want to go out with you etc.) should certainly read ‘Double your Dating’ by David Deangelo. I came across another book by him, ‘ The eight personality types that naturally attract women’ and found it quite interesting. So here’s a list of 8 types of men that attract women-

1. The Bad Boy

I bet you all know at least one guy who smokes, take drugs, drinks, abuses, fights with people, but is amazing with girls! He is raw, unabashed and careless. He could end up in a brawl within a split second.  But he depict thrill and fearlessness, and this is one thing most women find endearing.

2. The Fun Loving Guy

This guy is an adventurer. He loves going out to new places and having fun. He’s always game for some new place to hang out. He tells interesting stories about a wild adventure he had. He is the life of the party. He is always happy and in a fun mood. But what attracts women is his contagious optimism!

3. The Seducer

The Seducer knows everything about a woman. He talks his way into her soul and makes her feel good. For most men it’s difficult to understand a woman, but for a seducer it comes out naturally. He seems like a  man to many people. But for a woman he is a great talker. He can arouse those latent emotions in a women and make her fall for him. Many seducers are known to cheat on their woman since they easily attract other women through their talk.

4. The Artist

The artist is wicked, complicated, and emotional. An artist can be a musician, a poet or a writer. Why do girls love guys like Eminem and Kurt Cobain? Because they are artists and they see the world from a different perspective. An artist is hard to understanding, and women like to read the emotions of misunderstood people. Though most artists are unorganized and careless. Also, they don’t take care of their personalities much. So if you’re an artist, try to find a balance in your life.

5. The Successful Man

Yes! A successful man is attractive to a woman. It doesn’t mean a woman runs after his money or something. It’s just that a successful man provides something which is very important for most woman- STABILITY. A woman can rely on him because he relies on himself. He’s independently successfully and that is attractive to most women. The stability in his life shows a woman that she can have a stable and successful relationship with him.

6. Daddy

The Daddy is a guy who controls her woman, tells her what to do, and treat her like his daughter. I personally won’t prefer being a daddy to my girl, but some guys are natural daddies. It is for this reason that some girls prefer dating a guy who is elder to her. It’s not that women can’t take care of themselves. It’s just that they like a guy who treats her woman like a little girl. It’s kind off cute I guess. Sometimes the daddy becomes a stalker and tracks down every activity of his girl friend. This is, obviously, a very repelling trait. You can sublimely control her but never taker her freedom away.

7. The Regular Guy

A down to earth, simple, and loyal guy. Though these guys end up in a long term relationship, with regular woman! Regular guys have a 9-5 job, they clean the house on weekends, and they have a limited social circle. Regular guys in the beginning of the relationship are fun-loving, though they soon fade into the monotonous daily routine. If you are a regular guy, just add a bit of ‘the fun guy’ and ‘seducer’ to your personality. Reading ‘Double your Dating’ would certainly help you a lot.

8. Butt Kissing Guy

This guy gives her woman whatever she wants. He makes too many efforts to keep his girl happy. He mumbles words like ‘What can I get you baby?’ or ‘What’s wrong darling?’. He lacks self esteem and thus makes every possible effort to make his girl’s love for him intact. But girls who are dominant and controlling, like to have a Butt Kissing guy around them. Some girls even end up marrying them. If you are a Butt Kissing guy, add some ‘fun guy’ and ‘daddy’ to your personality. And please read ‘Double your dating’ right now. Strictly recommended.

I’ll end it with a great quote by Bill Cosby- “Women don’t want to hear what you think. Women want to hear what they think – in a deeper voice.”




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