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8 tips for anxious people going on Yoga sessions


Yoga is the answer to all your physical mental and spiritual stresses that you’ve been experiencing from the time you started giving attention. It is simply directed towards transforming the body and mind to a soulful being. The schools and masters for these practises are quite on hype since some of last decades, but the doubts revolving around the term are still countless.

These yoking of mind, which is where exactly the term came from; accounts best of assistance for the people who are known for anxious nature. And these anxious people have a high figure of doubts before they hold themselves against the door of a yoga master. Sometimes these doubts don’t end even after attending the couple of courses.  And that acts like a latch that keeps them from being free.

Here we provide some of the guidelines or tips for the individual with anxiety who is going to attend the yoga room at next Friday or days after that. (P.S. Even before that)

Don’t let fear knock you down

If the anxiety is the thing that concerns you most of the time and you’re opting for a yoga schedule into your life as a solution. Good  move. But moving to a new environment with all those frustrations, with strangers surrounding you from all side, and having no damn idea what you’re looking for anyway – things might get a little prickly for you. Keep your mind straight, and do it anyway. For all you know, it would be worth every dime and time. Plus, half of your anxieties will be gone by the end of the day. With continuous sessions, even more.

Choose your position wisely

It is very imperative to choose a position that is good enough for your convenience. Considering the concerns about anxieties, it would be afar better to choose your position near the veranda, or some random corner. We are not trying to prove you anti-social, but a fewer interactions while these sessions means higher concentration. This will help you build emphasis on your breathing and thereby your inner-self.


No need of over-cautiousness

Since you’re attending yoga sessions, which is aiming at diverting people’s attentions towards their inner-self – there is no need to be overcautious about your capabilities. No one is here for socialising, but to make peace with their own self. This means no one wants to be in a conversation in or about. As long as you’re inside the yoga session, make sure the vibes you’re sending off is directed inward. And for other people, they wouldn’t even notice someone is there.

Be comfortable

This session is about you, and the only attention you’re going to give someone is yourself. So if anything, for example a mere touch within your vicinity disturbs you, make sure it’s not going to happen again. Deprive yourself of anything that makes you uncomfortable.

Before the session to start, mend your posture the way you feel comfortable. While in between the session if you feel exhausted, just lie down on your back or tummy. You can always adjust a pose if the certain causes you discomfort. Keep your mentor well informed of any health issues and do the necessary in any kind of emergencies. You can always do the last final pose seating if you’re feeling any problem about it. Same goes with some of other movements, but make ado to keep your mentor in confidence before trying.

Group of people flexing legs


Try to relax in the posture you’re adorned at last. If the whole deal with closing the eyes causes a concern, which is often the case for people with anxieties issue – you can keep them open. Just relax your muscles around eyes and forehead and try to abide by the necessary poses.

Take care of your backbends

You’re in yoga session for your health and mind, and the last thing you would want is more issues from the category. Try not to jam your adrenal glands while bending back. As they are present right above the kidneys, there are highly chances that you may end up juicing them with your back movements. And this would certainly mean more adrenaline – that is quite to say not the thing an anxious person will desire.


Take breaks

Yoga tends to comfort people in the end, while squeezing up in the middle. Taking care of yourself is the main motto. So, if you begin to feel panicky in the environment, it’s OK to take a break once in a while. You can do it right there on your mat, or also you can go for a little walk outside in the green. These breaks will certainly soothe your nerves. Although, don’t try to bunk the course, take as little time as you require on the breaks and be right on the session as soon as possible.

Keep it going

Yoga is a natural practice. It’s not only made for patients or person with anxiety issues. If you tend to overcome your anxieties with the going period of time, don’t leave the sessions all of a sudden. Try to make it a part of your daily schedule. It will not only relax you, but also reimburse you with positive thoughts and profound intuitions.

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