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8 Things You Should Stop Thinking About



In our life, we always try to be a better person, but in our way come society’s opinions, past failures and present regrets. It seems tough to avoid these thoughts, but in order to be happy we should get rid of them no matter how hard it seems.

So, stop thinking about…

1. Others’ Opinions

We live in a society, and as a result, the opinions of the people around us start bothering us. So, we start behaving in a way that is considered ‘normal’ according to the norms of our society. But the real question is, are we living for others? Isn’t this our own life, where we should do what we want to?! We can’t let people’s opinions and advices bother us. If they are so good at giving advices then they should probably apply it to their own lives. We are happy in our lives, with the way we live, and we don’t need others’ opinions.

2. Failure

Failures are an essential part of our life. You can’t be successful until you don’t fail, because that’s where all your life’s lessons come from. If you have made a mistake, then you should learn from it and try another attempt at achieving your target, instead of giving up. Just get rid of all of those thoughts that say you can’t succeed. Every successful person will tell you about his/her personal experience of ‘failure’, but they will also tell you is that their failure made them what they are today. Be inspired.

3. What You Don’t Have

Remember this one rule of life – You can’t get everything. Usually, we are reminded of what we don’t have when we see someone with that particular thing. And we start feeling the blues as if we haven’t got anything in life. Just because we haven’t got this one thing that we wanted, doesn’t mean we haven’t got anything that we ever wanted. In fact, that person who has that thing which you don’t, might be lacking some of those things which you have always had. So, be grateful for what you have and make “I don’t want what I haven’t got” your life’s motto.

4. Being Good Enough

We often consider some things as not ‘good enough’, and tell ourselves that maybe we could’ve done that thing in a much better way, at least somewhere close to the ‘good’ standards. But, you should know that there is no such thing as ‘good enough’. You are always good enough if you are happy and satisfied with your results and situation. It’s humans’ nature to be greedy, always trying to get more out of everything, and that’s because they forget that there is no such thing as ‘perfect’. The only word you should be concerned about is ‘progress’.

5. Rejection

So, we again come face-to-face with the word ‘society’, which apparently means a group of people who decide how we should live our life. Because of them, a fear has developed inside our mind – the fear of rejection. Whether it’s school, college or office, we are always afraid of getting rejected by people around us. The question is, is acceptance really that important? Do we have to change ourselves in order to be accepted by the society. If people really care about us then they shouldn’t ask us to change. Start living your life on your own terms and stop pleasing people.

6. Regrets

So, you didn’t get what you want, or you could’ve got what you wanted, but because of your mistakes you didn’t get it. And you decide to regret over your past decisions and choices. But, did your regretting changed things? Probably not, and that’s because you are just grieving over what you didn’t get instead of trying again to get it. Even if your past decisions shaped your present (in a bad way), you can always try to restart your life and build a better future instead of wandering in the past.

7. What Ifs…

Some common introspecting questions that cross our mind are usually like: “What if I did that thing in a different way”? “What if things don’t go as planned”? “What if I never get what I want”? But what are these questions doing except for making us more pessimistic?! Remember that there is never any point in either regretting over past decisions or becoming anxious over some future events. Neither can be changed by just sitting on your chair and thinking ‘what if…’ You should focus only on your present, because it’s the only thing which you can control.

8. When Will Good Times Come

Good times don’t come when you think and wish for them, but when you work towards making your future good. In fact, it totally depends on you how you perceive a particular time period. Your times will always be good if you change your perception. ‘Good times’ isn’t a period which comes when God wants it to. No! It comes when you want it to come. There is no such thing as a ‘good day’, even a bad day has a positive moment if you search for it. All that you need is a ‘vision’. A positive vision and a belief in yourself. And do what you want to do, because in the end it’s only you.

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