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8 things which make Men Attractive to Women


Here is something for the gentlemen wanting to hook up with someone. It is always a big question to answer when it comes to the point of finding out what the women actually like in men. A women’s heart is a deep ocean of secrets and very few women would openly confess about these little things which make men more attractive to them. Just like the guys have a strong check point before they decide which girl they should be flirting with, even the girls do have a few pre requisites which they believe that their men should fulfill. So what are these things which make men more attractive? A recent survey in Texas found out the results. Read on to find out.

Things which make Men Attractive to women

V-Shaped Torso

jeff seid1

Yes. You read it right. The men always crave for a lady with an hour glass figure. Similarly, even women do wish for a good well-built man. They do desire a good body among men as it does look attractive. If you have a fat belly, you better try to cut down on your fats or else you might not be popular among the oposite gender. Hit the gym hard and aim for this V-Shaped torso which the women desire. You might not end up having the perfect V like Jeff Seid or Chris Pratt, but then you can certainly settle for something lesser than that.

Here comes the Money


There have always been jokes on the fact that all women need is a guy who could spend a lot on her and shower gifts on her. Money has been synonymous to being attractive in most of the daily gossips. But it is true to quite a great extent. And there is certainly no harm in it. Why would a girl wish to be with someone who could hardly satisfy her materialistic desires? Sure, there is a thing called love but then there is another thing called comfort. Crying on a shoulder sounds romantic but crying on the shoulders in a BMW is a much better idea, isn’t it? So work hard and try to make as much money as you can because it is attractive. Well, do not be too spend thrift and spend only on your lady though.

The past never goes away


Men are often very much interested in knowing about the past of women. On the contrary, women are least bothered about the same. This is a good quality among oposite gender that I have noticed. So women also desire for such men who do not remind them too much about their past and rather focus on their present and try to make their future attractive and exciting. So if want to be an attractive guy in the eyes of the women, you must make sure you overcome your desire of knowing about her past and stop being intriguing.

The Sense of Humor


Women always like men who can keep them happy and make them laugh. The same is applicable for the men as they prefer girls who laugh at their jokes. A good mutual understanding, isn’t it? There have been misconceptions that a funny guy might end up being friend zoned and cannot be an attractive guy, but this is simply not true. Making a woman laugh can take you places (if you know what I mean). Be a good guy and always try to give out positive vibes and share laughter among the oposite gender; you will be an attractive guy for sure.

A splendid Baritone

There would be hardly any lady who would want a man with a squeaky voice. Women do like men with deep voice. Do not make it too deep and screw things for yourself by scaring the lady, but it is always good to be manly and authoritative in your voice. Makes you attractive!

Tall, Dark and Handsome

talk dark handsome

The adage never goes wrong. Women do find the tall guys more attractive than the shorter ones. There is a famous line that says “tall men have more babies and they make more money; the shorter ones conquer Europe”. The fair guys do have a chocolate boy image but they might end up being friend zoned. The dark complexion or the tanned skin is not only popular among the native women, but also among the women all around the globe.

Piercings and tattoos


You might disagree to this but women do like a few marks on your body. All women love guys with tattoos. It is hard to find someone who would hate it. In fact at times, even the natural scars can make you more attractive than you could imagine. So a gun shot in your ear could make you look a little more attractive provided it suits you. Even the tattoo selection matters. Have a good body to flaunt before you get inked though!

Be Confident


The only thing that could make you approach any lady is confidence. Women find confident men attractive and they prefer them over the wimpy and silent guys. So have your chin in the air, chest out and walk with confidence. You are smart enough, believe in yourself!

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