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8 steps to Increase Height


Just few inches more! No one is ever satisfied with their height. They always want to be taller. Remember how your younger brother used to be shorter than you? As soon as you reach 18, he grows immensely. Suddenly he seems to be your elder brother! The first person to stand in the line is always complaining. Why me? You are stuck with the nickname chotu for the rest of your life. Height depends on many factors heredity (which you can`t help); other factors which are in your control are- diet, body structure, posture etc. Don’t worry with the right exercises and diet you can grow your height too. Don’t be disheartened if you are 18. The height can grow even after 18, some scientists suggest. With these techniques you can see effective results in considerable time.


1) Exercise

Exercises help in releasing the growth hormones in the body. Simple exercises like stretching can be done anywhere- gym, park or home. Find a bar at certain height and hang from it for about 15 seconds. Some sports games are also helpful in increasing the height- swimming, skipping, basket ball etc. Every sport helps in stretching the muscles thus triggering a growth in muscles. Exercises help in keeping the body active and continuous secretion of hormones.


2) Yoga

This is the easiest and simplest way to increase height. It is neither tiring nor have any adverse effects.

Surya namaskar- 12 simple sets of postures which were taught in school. You didn’t take it seriously then but if you practice it now, it can do wonders for your height. It is most effective when practiced at dawn or in the evening. Make sure to keep the sequence correct.



Stand erect. Join your legs. Raise your hands in such a way that both the palms are in front of each other. Slowly lift your body upwards while inhaling deeply. Try balancing on your toes. Release your breath slowly and return back to your original position.

There are several other yoga positions which help in keeping the spine straight and in stretching the muscles. Examples- Tree pose, trikona asana etc.

3)Maintain your BMI

BMI is the Body Mass Index. It gives the proportion between weight and the squared height of the body. It helps in checking whether you are underweight, overweight or normal. Weight should be in proportion to the height otherwise it might restrict your growth. Exercises should be done to lose weight like- running, jogging, gymming etc. Don’t eat more of fatty and junk foods. It leads to obesity.

4)Correct posture

People never pay attention to their posture. They slouch, stoop their shoulders and bend their neck. Postures play an important role in the growing process. Having the right posture is necessary not only for outer impression but the spinal structure inside.

  • Keep your spine erect.
  • There should be a straight line through the centre of your forehead to the point where your toes meet.
  • Keep your shoulders in straight line. Never droop. This restricts the growth of the muscles present in the upper area.


5)Proper diet

All the work put in exercises will go in vain if you do not have a proper diet. Although exercises help in releasing the growth hormones, actually it’s the nutrition in the food that helps in keeping the hormones active and fresh. You should have a balanced diet complete with all the essential nutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, fats) in appropriate proportions (50:20:30). Try to eat more food which is rich in protein as they help in building up of body. Eat pulses, legumes, egg etc. Vitamin D is essential for strengthening the bones. Cod liver oil is the perfect source for Vitamin D.

6) Have adequate sleep

Nobody has time to rest in this fast paced world. But what people don’t understand is that your body requires rest to regenerate tissues. Moreover the growth hormones are also released during sleep when body is at rest. 8 hours sleep is necessary for teenagers for height gain. No matter how busy you are always take out time to switch off the lights and have a peaceful sleep.

Things that will help you doze off in peace


7) Booze, cigarettes and drugs limit your height

No matter how much you enjoy taking a puff or having a glass of alcohol, they are not worth anything. They affect your body adversely and restrict your height. The other name for these is growth inhibitors. Remember this word the next time you are tempted towards having either of these things.

8) Avoid hoax techniques

Get tall in 10 days with yoco height increaser. Eat 3 tablets a day and see the results after 3 weeks. Effective height increasing drugs.There is no short cut to increase your height. Never fall for these false claims. You will end up losing money and these techniques might result in some side effects. Some of these tablets and drugs are not even medically approved. Don’t play with your health.

height increase pills

Nothing is achieved in a day. All these techniques will give any result only if they are performed properly and regularly. Any break in the schedule might affect the growth.

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