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8 Simple Ways to Tackle Stress


In modern world, stress has become so common that people have started seeing it as a way of life. Stressing over things has become as essential as eating food. While, stress can encourage you to accomplish your short-term targets within time, it is harmful for your health in the long term. When you are too much involved in your work you cause damage to your mental state and physical health at the sake of some short-term goals. The rising stress levels are linked with diseases such as migraine, extra fat build-up, heart diseases and stroke. To ensure that your work doesn’t become the cause of your premature death, you should start dealing with stress which can be done in several possible ways.


1. Manage Time


One of the reasons behind stress is we forcing our mind and body to finish a given work within a specified time span. If we begin to fall short of finishing our work on time, we start stressing over it and work vigorously so as to finish it on time. While we are excessively focused on our target, we tend to harbor a lot of negativity from our surroundings which has a bad impact on our body and mind. So, in order to avoid any unnecessary stress, you should start managing your time by prioritizing your work. Always finish the most important work before time, no matter how boring it is.

2. Exercise


Work pressure always has the biggest impact on your health. Don’t compromise with your health, stay fit by exercising. Exercising not only gives you a fit and healthy body but also a fit and fresh mind devoid of any stress. As a result you feel more relaxed while working and your productivity also increases. And not just exercising, swimming, cycling, running, yoga and playing sports will also help you in relieving your mind from stress.

3. Breathe Deeply


In this fast moving world don’t forget to ‘breathe’. Whether in a car, or in a shower or in middle of your work, for just five seconds take a deep breathe and release all your stress with it. Just like when you’re angry, you breathe deeply to get over it, similarly take a deep breathe whenever the workload seems too much for you. Just remember that nothing in life is more important than your personal well-being. Give your health more importance than anything else.

4. Resort to Music


If you want instant relief from stress no matter where you are then there is nothing more helpful than mood-elevating music. In this hustle-bustle-filled world where there is not a moment’s rest for your mind and body, you should carry a playlist of songs in your phone that can cool your mind and connect you with your soul whenever you want so. Music helps in uplifting mood and creating a more positive frame of mind.

5. Sleep Well


In order to have your brain function properly you need a good night’s sleep, at least 7-hour long. If you don’t sleep enough, then you’ll probably get irritated over the smallest of issues, such as a hotter cup of coffee or a more burnt slice of toast. Lack of sleep causes stress and anxiety, and this stress and anxiety leads to sleeplessness, it’s a cycle which won’t stop until you start sleeping comfortably.

6. Eat Healthy Food


If you want to fight stress then you should start eating foods that are rich in Vitamin B, foods such as spinach, almonds, dal, etc. Omega 3 fatty acids and zinc are also helpful in fighting stress. Avoid junk food at all costs. Not only they lack nutrition and are bad for health but they also slow down your body, and with a slowed down body you are ought to feel lethargic and stressful while working.

7. Take out some “Me” Time


If you ask a group of people about who/what they love the most, the answer probably would be their parents, their partner, their car or their phone, no one’s going to say that they love themselves the most. And this is where the problem lies, you should learn to take out time for the things you love to do. In your life you can’t give anything or anybody more importance than you give to yourself. Whenever you feel stressed or think that fun is missing in your life, you should go out on a walk or a drive but without your phone or any other gadget. Just lose yourself to nature, there you will find the answer to a happy life – peace of mind.

8. Stay Positive


Last but not the least, stay positive in life. No matter how big your task is, always keep a smile on your face. Take a deep breathe, think about some happy memories and then approach your work with an elevated mood. Chances are likely that you won’t feel stressed over it. If something is really bothering you a lot, then talk it out with a friend or relative and work towards making yourself less bothered. Remember one thing, never stress over things/situations that are not under your control. Instead, focus on those things which you can control. Live a positive and healthy life, because in the end you will remember the fun part of your life, not the work one.

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