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8 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Worry about What People Think about You


I really like the way how the First Lady of United State of America, Eleanor Roosevet had phrased it in the best of her days. It goes like “You wouldn’t worry about what others think about you if you realized how seldom they do.” And that makes perfect sense in the perfect combination of words. We often tend to put people before ourselves in our time of reconciliations, and that might be a good thing in your mind but is a complete non-sensual thought.

People always talk and they always have something to do about something you’ve said or done. But it doesn’t mean that you have to put on some inglorious coat of ribaldry. There is no way in heaven, you can do anything about others (until unless you’re a sociopath social killer….there you go, my friend), so the best way would be to ignore the hell out of the memoranda. There should be no reason to be upset about what people think about you. Just smile, and do whatever you were going to do anyway. If that doesn’t sound reasonable enough, we have just the thing for you.

Here we provide some of the reasons that elaborate in brief why it’s not worth to keep getting disappointed by what people think of you.

People have a tendency to carry within a J factor somewhere deep down, and time and again it floats up to the surface. Jealousy is just an emotion, the same as love, care and affection – only thing is that it’s the anonym of everything that we mentioned altogether. Jealousy is a hidden demon, which gets out of control more than often in some people. The feeling of something people don’t have or can never be unleashes this monster.  You don’t even have to be freaking about it. It means they think you’re better than them, in short they envy you.


The gossip means a thing only if you believe it to be true. It affects only on the moment you start doubting yourself, and let the opinions of other control your decisions. If you’re not aware of them, and you’re too bold to not care – you’re going on the right path. You will never be able to control or mend the way people think about you, so it’s better not giving such thing a try at all. People will stop talking once they know the water is not splashing.


The only individual getting bothered in any kind of deal should be you. We mean, there’s no way you should be giving control strings of your life on the random. It’s your life and your own basic existence and you’re the one who have made it to this point, so it should not be the apprehension of any other being than you. It could be difficult when people are criticising you, but that’s how life goes. There’s nothing to get carried upon on such things.


What they said was in general, and in no particular way a comment about you. Don’t overthink about generalities and assume the odds of it concerning you.  You’re not the center of universe honey, just stop those thoughts and don’t go down the man hole.


They’re setting a definition for themselves and not you. The thing is that you consider to believe the idea that the word they’re putting in the world about you is getting to define you one way or the other. But the truth is they’re criticizing themselves in the play more than anything.  You have to realize that someone having a negative concern about you holds a more true nurture about them than you.


You can’t please everybody. To put things in more mildly manners, even Beyonce  has haters. The ideology of your mind that some fine day there will be a moment when everyone around you will hold an acceptance of your being is complete misconception. That is a fantasy of basic facts, and is never going to happen in reality.


They’re not going to matter in the long run. Just go back in the memory track and think of the things that used to hold a complete matter of importance three years ago, do they really matter now? It might be the case that you don’t even remember them in the first try. Well that’s what we’re talking about. It’s never going to help or matter in the long run (Unless you’re running for the President.) Otherwise, it’s just a waste of time and energy.


Every personified identity that people look forward to motivation today was criticized in their first steps. And that doesn’t mean that you’re going to be next Nelson Mandela (We adore that guy. Such Respect). We are just saying that, people hate changes in their environment. And it might not be that people hate you in the first place, they just don’t know you so they dislike the idea of change in their surroundings. In short, you have nothing to worry about. You’ll adjust with time.


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