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8 reasons why everyone needs a big sister!


Sisterly love is one of the purest forms of love. It’s veracity is what makes it different from all other relationships that humans are bound with. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a big sister with them throughout their lives. Some people think that having a big sister isn’t really a big deal and all you get to do is fight. Well, to be honest, having a big sister can also be a nightmare, in the nicest way possible. Fights happen, but I say, every relationship has it’s ups and downs and this one’s no exception. When I say everyone needs a big sister, I say it with experience. If you haven’t had anyone explain to you why having an elder sister is a must, I’ll do it for you.

1) You can share clothes with her

The biggest advantage for all those girls who can’t ever be satisfied with the amount of clothes they have in their wardrobe. For those who can never find anything to wear for an occasion. Or when you don’t feel like repeating an outfit. The big sister’s wardrobe comes to your rescue. Sharing clothes is something all the sisters in the world do, given our fondness for always looking flawless. This even let’s you trick people into believing that you have a vast collection of clothes!

2) She’s always got your back during childhood

Be it the fat kid that bullied you during your childhood days, or the bossy self proclaimed tiny divas who wouldn’t let anyone else play important parts in the games, we all have fond memories of our sisters defending and protecting us. Even if it meant scolding the bossier kids or she herself playing the boss. Having her by your side, was always, and would always be an advantage in times when you find yourself in trouble.


3) She convinces your parents for something you really wanna do, for you

When your parents don’t approve of something you really wanna do 0r restrict you from going somewhere, what do you do? You go to her for help. She was born with a degree in persuasion. She can persuade your parents for things which might have really low chances of taking place and your parents listen to her because she’s the elder one, the smarter one and the more responsible one. Having her as your spokesperson can be really smooth at times.


4) She’ll always keep your secrets

Even if you have the biggest fight ever. She won’t let out your secrets to anybody. She can prove to be really trustworthy, all you need to do is give her a chance. Also, she can’t let your secrets out because you’ve got her secrets safe too. She won’t tell your parents because she knows they’ll somewhere blame her for your wrongdoings! Even if she isn’t bothered about the scolding, she’ll always do what sisters do for each other- keep the trust intact.

5) You can have her room when she finally gets married

Okay, I might sound a little selfish here but isn’t that what we are after our whole lives? The bigger ones get the bigger rooms and the bigger rooms are always better. That is how the world works and no matter how much you rant about it, it’s not gonna change. So once she gets married and goes off to another place, her room is your’s. You can claim what should have rightfully been your’s!


 6) When she gets a job, she gets you the coolest stuff and pays your bills

This might come a bit later in life, but it’s a phase that is sure to come. Just when she gets a job and starts earning, your party begins. First salary gifts and shopping trips are something which you are sure to get! When she’s financially independent and you go out with her, she pays the bills without any qualms because she now has an even greater sense of responsibility towards you!

7) She’s the best coach

Believe it or not, she’ll always be your pillar of strength and get you out of uncertain situations. You can talk to her about anything and she’ll always give you a fair opinion. And you’ll find yourself listening to her, because she’s all you got, when you can’t talk to your parents about certain issues. And you¬†refuse to listen to your friends, because you think they aren’t experienced enough. Be it the boys talk or talking about your career and your apprehensions, she’ll always guide you towards the right direction.


8) You don’t have to make up for the fights

This one’s a huge, huge relief. No matter how ugly the fight is or even if you ended up punching each other in the gut (while I also strongly recommend that you don’t), you do not have to make up for the fights or arguments that happened. It is all a part of your relationship with her. Some things are better felt when they aren’t said and this is exactly how this mechanism works. You fight with her today, and you’ll find yourself talking to her like nothing happened after some time. No expectations, just sisterly love and little disagreements here and there!



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