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8 Reasons Why We Don’t Need a Religion


This article is for those who are transitioning into a better self and awakening the power within. We all have a religion, you and me, and i am happy for you and myself. But have we ever tried, on our journey to awakening and transitioning, to question the authenticity and the need of the religion we have. Once we try to question it, it is going to free us from a lot of unnecessary boundations. That is how we all can easily embrace universal spirituality. Here is a list of 10 reasons why we should not have a religion.

1. We don’t need a medium to reach the truth.

reaching the truth

We are made by the same fabric as the universe so the true temple is within ourselves. But if you are in a church, a temple or a mosque, you always have to go through a pastor who is closer to the lord. A pastor simply means who feeds us as per his congregation like a shepherd feeding his flock. We have to realize that we actually just have to look within ourselves to seek the truth and we really don’t need a pastor as a channel to the ultimate truth. Religions teach us to reach out churches, temples and mosques for dealing with our life situations and we try to put our faith in something that is defined by our religion but our true self.

2. A Lack of Self Love


Yes, there is always a calming and pure vibration in the religious places or where we think the god resides and we feel good there. That is because we are conditioned since childhood to believe that there is peace in such places and that is where all our questions are going to be answered. But the secret to enlightenment is that there is no authority and we are all connected. It all about loving yourself a 100 % and knowing that you are worthy. Once we realize this, we don’t need to externalize our power and stick with a religion.

3. Personal Responsibility


This is the biggest difference between the spirituality and religion. Because spirituality is all about taking responsibility and responding to your ability. Being in a religious home, i realized that i was always just saying that someone else would do it and no need to worry about it. Now, i know that we are the ones we are waiting for and it is truly liberating. Thinking is not enough and we have to take action.

4. Separation


We all know that we human beings are all connected but we really feel separated when it comes to religion. We always say that my god is better than your god and my religion is better than yours. This has caused a lot of wars, terrorist activities and terror around the world, just because some people think that their religion is better than others and only they are worthy to prevail. Once we break the bonds of religion, we realize what is god. If i ask you who is god, you may think of a person with a “Mukut” on his head and “Chakra” in his hand with a number of arms or some other. I see god as a movement, as energy and i can see that everything is connected and we all are one.

5. The Crusades


A lot people are killed in the name of the religion around the world everyday. We read the news and think why. Why this has to happen? Why there are boundaries everywhere and why there is war in the world? We really can live in peace on this planet if we break the bonds of religion. This has started to happen in today’s world because people are realizing the truth slowly and accepting that they have divinity in them, not outside in temples, churches or other places.

6. Justifications


There is always justification for killing animals in the name of religious process, just to please their respective gods. Does the god really become happy by seeing the animals slaughtered and killed, whom he made with the same fabric as us? I realized that i have to change my whole outlook on religion because i love animals. What is the credibility of a religion that tells us that animals are there for us to use, eat, kill or make stuff with their skins. We are taught that they are below us and they exist just to sacrifice for us. It is necessary to know that animals are also the creation of god and are on this earth for their own experience, not for our consumption.

7. Seeing How Its All A Story


There are myths and myths rolling everywhere that are nothing more than just stories. But we truly believe them and link our lives to them. Nobody tries to actually question who wrote these books, yes, may be they were inspired by gods but who is god actually. I believe that this all is not more than a mythology and the rule books that religion has bound us to. The main thing is to question whatever comes in front of us and not believing in it blindly.

8. The Waiting Game


Some of us are waiting for the world to end. Some are waiting for a messiah to save us. Some are waiting for the wars to end. Some are waiting for the peace. Once again, we are doing nothing but externalizing our power when all the power lies within ourselves. We can see that we have waited long enough and kept in belief by religion. Spirituality is all about KNOWING because it frees you. I am not against the people who believe in religions and it is totally my perception. But these reasons make sense and you know it. Abraham Lincoln once said – “When i do good i feel good, when i do bad i feel bad. That is my religion.”

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