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8 healthy food habits


Ever wondered about people who eat a lot and yet are thin as stick or those who eat less than others and yet are fat? This is where balanced diet and healthy food action comes into play. Aunties are quick to remark, “Kuch khilati nahi kya, patla hi hota jara hai?” Food habits affect the body directly and sadly they are the most neglected. People don’t take their food habits seriously and end up sick; leading to high medical bills. When it comes to food, it is not only about quality of food but also about quantity. In today`s time both are absent.

These are 8 healthy food habits everyone must inculcate –

1)Never Skip your breakfast

Everyone seems so busy, they don`t even stop to eat a proper breakfast in the morning. How much time do you require to gulp down a glass of milk and eat a parantha? Not more than 15 minutes. Yet you are ready to stay hungry and listen to your stomach growling till 2 pm lunch! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You cannot kick start your day on an empty stomach. After a long sleep, your body needs to have energy to go through the day`s activity. So, keep aside all your excuses and have a healthy breakfast of bread butter, oats, parantha, and idli – your choice.

2)Minimize junk food consumption

Junk food is easy to make but difficult to digest. Pizza, burgers are preferred over dosa and rajma chawal! Junk food kills you slowly. Junk food have following ingredients (toxic) – trans fat, hydrogenated oil, Sodium Benzoate and Potassium Benzoate, artificial preservatives and sweeteners. The side effects of consuming this toxic are- increasing heart rate, clogging of arteries, accumulating more fat on your body than required. In school canteen, hygienic food is not even in the menu. HRD Ministry is against the distribution of junk food in school canteens. Hopefully this will help in reducing the consumption of junk food.


3)Eat a balanced diet

Balanced diet as the name suggests, constitute of all the nutrients in a diet that too in appropriate quantity. Each nutrient plays a vital role in the physical and mental development of the body. Carbohydrates are energy source, proteins helps in building the immune system, fats store the energy, and vitamins provide antioxidants.  If you neglect any nutrient, let’s say carbohydrates; if your diet doesn’t contain food which is rich in carbohydrates you will have less energy to do any physical activity. It is as simple as that.

4)Keep consumption of fat in check

People have misconception about fats. It is assumed that eating food rich in fats will lead to obesity and is not necessary to consume. This is absolutely wrong. In fact our diet should have 30% of fats. Moreover, saturated fats are harmful for body and not easily digestible. They lead to increase in heart attacks. Unsaturated fats are easily digestible and thus, should be preferred. Fats when consumed in excess lead to obesity.

5)Eat small quantity of food after short intervals

Instead of eating heavy breakfast, lunch and dinner; eat food after regular intervals in small quantities. When you eat heavy meals, digestion process slows down. As a result, you feel lazy and tired. Eating small meals maintains the energy level and prevents you from over eating.

6)Include salad

If you eat salad before dinner, you consume less food after wards. It gives you the feeling of being full without actually being full! This helps in less calorie consumption. Moreover, salad provides fiber to the diet which reduces cholesterol and constipation. Leafy vegetables are rich in antioxidants which help in boosting immunity system. So many benefits and the best- they are easy and quick to prepare!


7)Eat to live not live to eat!

Limit what you eat. Just because you like aloo parantha, don`t go on eating 6-7 of them. Don`t order a pizza every week because you love it. Over eating leads to many problems, first being obesity. Later obesity causes all the troubles. Too much of pressure is there on the internal organs that they slow down. Slowly your internal organs start deteriorating. So, give your body a break and limit your diet. Eat a wholesome diet.

8)Avoid street food

If the streets in India are not clean, how can the uncovered food sold in open carts be hygienic? Street food is stale and made from low quality ingredients. If the vendor is in a dirty place, you might get infected with gastro intestinal infection. The food regulations are violated as there is no official check. Adulteration takes at a large scale. Food coloring, food preservatives, and other chemicals are used.


Adulteration in the food is at its peak. Watch out first for what is in the plate. Check the ingredients at the back of the packet before eating fast food. Internet is at your disposal. Browse the ingredients. Look for side effects. Go for organic food. They don`t contain any artificial preservatives or sweeteners. They don`t poison the food with chemicals which common people don`t know. Buy food from shops which have clean surroundings.

Eat right! Eat in limit! Have a healthy life!

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