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8 games to exercise your mind


There is no gym for exercising your mind. It can get a little rusted if not used effectively. As Robin Sharma quotes in his novel “Use it or lose it”. Mind games help to improve your cognitive and spatial abilities. It helps to increase the speed of thinking and reacting.

Here are 5 mind boggling puzzles to make your mind work faster and better.


This tops the list undoubtedly. It is simple to understand. Only one solution exists which makes this game more special. The best part- you can`t take a guess. If you fill even one box without being sure of it, your whole game goes wrong. You will fill every box quickly, so sure of yourself and will later realize you have repeated numbers in same row! Sudoku requires application of mind. 9*9 boxes are not filled easily. It is a great exercise for mind.


2) Spellathon

This game is a treat for bibliophiles. For them life is all about alphabets, scrambling them and finding the right word. Download an app or look in your daily newspaper, you can find this game anywhere. Time yourself and see how quick you can create words. When you look for answers, make sure to find the meaning of each unknown word. Your mind`s ability to remember words and their meaning will increase.


3) Rubik`s cube

This game is truly mind boggling. The farthest most people go is one side of same color. There always comes a time when you are left wondering what to do about that one small box of different color. Rubik`s cube stimulates the mind. It forces your mind to think what will happen if you move this side, how to get green color box here? It strengthens your persistence, patience and determination. You might get 8 boxes of red color on one side, but you will have to break it to get it all right. There is no cheating and no short cuts in this game.


4) Loop the loop

This game has always made children curious. What is this game with dots and numbers in the daily newspaper? It is an interesting game and quite difficult. People who get the hang of this game become addicted to it. It is a simple game where each number represents how many lines should surround it. The tricky part- there should be no breaks i.e. the end figure should be a closed figure. People should try it, be assured it takes a lot of time for beginners to crack it.


5) 2048

This is the latest rage in today`s time. It is addictive and difficult. It contains 9 small boxes and start with the digit 2. Why 2? Well, it is a magical number. The only even prime number! You have to double the digits till you reach 2048. The good news is your addiction can stop after you reach 2^17= 131072. Till then God help you! This game makes your time fly faster and improves your calculation skills. It is a great challenge for people of all age.


5) Flush Rush

It requires quick thinking else your pipe starts leaking! You are given different kinds of pipes opening in different direction. You have to ensure that there s no leakage. It is a time bound game as the water keeps on flowing and you have to construct a path of it quickly. It helps in strategizing how to construct the whole pipe.


6) Jigsaw

The game has many variations now. Maps, 3 D, globe puzzles etc. This game helps in improving the retention capacity of the brain. It enforces short term memory. People have to remember the shape, size and color of the pieces to find the right piece. They have to make sure the picture fits with respect to whole picture. It is fun and is considered helpful for dementia patients.


7) Quiz up

The game has about 400 categories in which you can take a quiz. The best part is you can challenge anyone in the world! The game gives you titles as per your performance. Science, general knowledge, mathematics, sitcoms- almost every topic left in this world. The game will increase your thinking ability as the number of points is directly proportional to how fast you click the answer. You will end up learning about new things.


8) Tangram

Tangram is games with various geometrical shapes. Just like jigsaw, you have to complete a picture but using shapes like square, circle, pentagon etc. In difficult levels there are no inner boundaries. So you just have an outline of a thing and you need to insert various geometrical shapes in it. It is helpful in learning the shapes and how they will fit with each other. For example, a circle and square can never be together as that will leave gaps in the picture.


Mind games are fun and beneficial for brain. They keep you sharp, alert and quicken your thinking rate. They give you a challenge and that puts your mind on a roll. It stimulates the brain. Brain is just like any other muscle in the body. It needs to work out. Puzzles, brain teasers, games are like nutrition for the left side of the brain. Start exercising your mind now!

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