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8 easy beauty hacks which everyone should know

Be it summer or winter, there is always a need to protect our skin. Of course, there are beauty spas available to rejuvenate our skin, but frequent visits to spas burns a hole in our pocket, and sometimes one might get just too tired of it. That is when the good ol’ home remedies come to rescue. These beauty treatments, fondly known as the ‘grandma remedies’, are considered to be pretty ancient, since these skin therapies have been known to be employed by famous queens, like the Mughal Empress, Noor Jahan and the Egyptian Queen, Cleopatra, who were known for their ethereal beauty and exquisite skin. Following is the list of some of nature’s goodies for better skin, which are easy to obtain and use.
1. Turmeric
Gelbwurz / Curry

 Turmeric is used since time immemorial as a spice and beauty product. Turmeric can be powdered and applied on the skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties reduces itching and skin rashes, while its anti-bacterial properties alleviates acne problems. Prolonged application of turmeric paste for a period of time shows significant decrease in the facial hair, which is one of the major problems faced by women today. Turmeric is also the solution to a glowing skin. It minimizes the oil level in the skin and mitigates wrinkle formation. Turmeric is one-stop solution to all major skin problems.

 2. Lemon juice


Lime juice, being citric acid, can be very irritating to the skin when applied directly. But proper mixing with the right ingredients can do miracles to the skin. Lime juice is one of the best cure for acne and blackheads can be removed immediately, when mixed with milk, on application in the affected area. Furthermore, lemons are the solution for whiter teeth. It decreases the oiliness in the skin and banishes the ‘shine’ of skin which occurs due to the oiliness, giving the face a sweaty look. Drinking lemon juice with honey early in the morning can also help acquire a better skin and also helps in reducing weight.

3. Honey


As mentioned earlier, consumption of honey with lemon juice improves the skin and also assists in the reduction weight. Regular application of honey reduces the occurrences of acne, and is an excellent anti-aging agent. For all those dry-skinned individuals out there, raw honey acts as a good moisturizer. Honey with lemon juice and sugar is used for removing excess hair from our body and helps in the healing of razor bumps. Additionally, this combination serves as a good lip balm, making it soft and leaving it un-chapped. Legend has it that Cleopatra soaked in honey-and-milk bath everyday, and researchers believe this to be one of the secrets to her beauty. This mixture enables a soft and glowing skin.

4. Milk


This is another ancient beauty product. Apart from the various nutrients it provides to our body, it also helps in the maintenance of our skin. The major constituent of Cleopatra’s famous bath was donkey milk. Milk, when mixed with salt, is an efficient acne remover. It provides a glow to the skin, and is a good exfoliator. Milk is an excellent cleanser, bleach, and moisturizer. It enables a soft and smooth complexion. However, prolonged application of milk to the skin might lead to sensitivity problems for those with damaged or allergy-prone skin. A patch test is recommended before using milk every time.

5. Rose water

The usage of rose water was popularized by Noor Jahan, the Mughal Empress. It was brought to India from the Persian land. Rose water is a three-in-one beauty product, acting as a toner, moisturizer and cleanser. Rose water can be used after removing make-up, because it cleans through the minute pores. Since it can clean through pores, it prevents the occurrence of pimples and it is a heaven-sent gift for dry-skinned people, because of its property of rendering a soft skin and breathtaking aroma. It plays a vital role in balancing the pH of the skin.

6. Yogurt


Yogurt, being rich in lactic acid, helps in improving the complexion of the skin, giving it a soft and radiant look. Regular application of sour curd reduces the chances of acne making another appearance on our face. It is the best anti-aging remedy and is effective in the treatment of suntan and sunburn. Mixing curd with various ingredients gives satisfying results.

7. Sandalwood paste

Sandalwood paste is the best solution to beat the summer heat. It is an excellent cooling agent and can be applied for various skin problems which a includes skin rashes, skin burns, itching, heat boils etc. Heat boils are common in summer and often leaves a permanent mark on the skin if left untreated. It helps in the treatment of zits. A mixture of sandalwood powder with rose water helps in cleaning the face and rendering a terrific glow.

8. Cucumber


This cooling gourd is an excellent toner. In addition to this, cucumber is the obvious solutions for those nasty dark circles and puffy eyes. True, the best solution to avoid dark circles is to get sufficient sleep, but during certain unavoidable situations of sleeplessness, cucumber comes to our rescue. It also eases off freckles after constant application of the cucumber juice. It is a remedy for sunburn and is an excellent cooling face mask.

All of these stuff cure the most common skin problems, though some also has other important benefits in addition to these. The best part about these remedies is it is easily available, which makes enables a hassle-free usage by everyone.



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