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7 Worries That Ruin A Relationship



Relationships are never painful, it’s only us who turn them that way. One of the main reasons why relationships fail is because of a participant’s unhealthy obsession with something that isn’t required in a relationship. For instance, over-thinking – which pushes people towards the extremes of negativity, and with that mentality one’s relationship isn’t meant to succeed. Here is a list of those unnecessary things which can ruin a relationship and should always be avoided.

Thinking that…

1. Your partner might cheat

Sometimes, love turns into jealousy, even when a relationship is going strong. It’s understandable that everyone wants to be their partner’s one and only love, but that doesn’t mean that you should doubt your partner’s loyalty after seeing her/him with another guy/girl. Because your partner likes talking with another person doesn’t mean that she/he will cheat on you. This is where trust is tested in a relationship and if you really love your partner then don’t ever doubt her/his loyalty.

2. You are not good enough for her/him or vice versa

There comes a time when you are too happy in your relationship that you start questioning the honesty of this reality. Sometimes you might feel that your partner is too good for you, and the other times you might feel that it’s you who deserves a better partner. Remember this that all these questions are a part of your introspecting nature and none of these thoughts actually make sense. You are happy in your relationship and that means you are in love with the right person. How your relationship works out depends totally on your behavior/reaction.


3. Your partner prefers to be with others

If you think that your partner likes to be with other people over you, than you are completely wrong. She/He is sharing laughs with her/his friends and enjoying hanging out with them because, well… They are her FRIENDS. Aren’t we all supposed to enjoy spending time with our friends?! Even you too, at times, would love to hang out with your friends over your lover. Just because she/he is with her/his friends right now doesn’t mean she/he has forgotten about you. Just because your partner is with some other guys also doesn’t mean that she/he is dating one of them.

4. Your partner isn’t attracted to you anymore

At some point of time in your relationship you might feel that your partner doesn’t find you attractive anymore, unlike the initial months of your relationship when she/he was too much into you. If this is your case then you don’t have to over-think. Just because you don’t care enough about your appearance anymore doesn’t mean your partner will start losing interest in you. If she/he truly loves you then small things like appearance would go unnoticed by her/him. A relationship is strengthened by trust and love, not appearance. And if appearances do matter a lot to her/him then it’s time to move on.


5. Asking her/him about everything is a good idea

It’s a sign of insecurity and over-possessiveness for your partner. If you keep on asking your partner about what she/he has been doing, where she/he has been and with whom, then all of that is only going to irritate your partner. Where she/he has been and with whom is nothing you should be concerned about. She/he is doing all of it by her/his choice, and will tell you about it only when she/he wants to. Learn to give your partner space, and don’t be too glued to her/him, else there might come a time when there won’t be a partner to be glued to.

6. Your partner might break up with you

This is probably every insecure lover’s nightmare, which is far away from reality though. Why do you even think that your partner might break up with you? Are things between you two going that bad, that she/he might have to leave you so that she/he can start a new life? Or is your partner becoming more successful than you? Or your insecure thoughts were given birth to by an utterly minor incident, where you said something harsh to your partner and now you think she/he might leave you, as they can’t be with someone who is (tad) bossy?

Or you have simply started to think that your partner is now out of your league even when you recently celebrated your relationship’s third anniversary? In simple words, all these thoughts are entirely senseless. Like it’s been mentioned above, true love is never faded by such stupid, trivial reasons. If your partner really loves you, she/he would never leave you. And, if she/he does then that means that she/he never loved you. Either way it’s good for you. So, don’t over-think.


7. Your partner’s family and friends don’t like you

What could be the reason(s) that they don’t like you? Are you unattractive, shy or not financially well-off? No matter what the reason be, you shouldn’t bother yourself with it. What they think about you is entirely their opinion, and you don’t have to live your life on their terms. What matters is your partner’s love for you. After all, it’s with her that you will be spending your entire life, and not with her/his family and/or friends. And remember that it’s always good to be different, no one wants to live in a world where everyone is of a similar nature and mindset. So just embrace your uniqueness and live your relationship.

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