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7 ways to Deal with Examination Stress


With Examination season taking its toll, study is the word for students. It is natural for students to succumb to examination pressure and get anxious. But would it make you feel better when you are told that you are not the only one?  A little bit of stress during examinations is good as a motivation tool but letting it go out of control can cause a lot of problems and this may result in you not performing your best. Everyone gets tensed during examinations but it’s important to not let it go out of control.  Here’s how you can deal with exam stress and work towards passing with flying colours.

  1. Plan up you schedule:


When you first hear of the news of your exams coming soon, all you must do is to get a pen and a notepad and make a study time table which you must try to follow as strictly as possible as this will not put loads of pressure on you all together as your examinations come closer. After making your time table according to your comfort zone, you must put it up on your study table  then you must also continue by making copies of it and keeping in your bag and other important places so that you don’t miss out anything from your timetable you have planned for your revision.

  1. Don’t whine:


There is absolutely no reason you should complain or whine about the amount of portion you have and you must not create chaos by saying things like why do I have to study so much and things similar to that because you’re not the only one giving those examinations. In fact, there are a lot of students out there who probably face the same amount of pressure and stress like you do so you should just calm down and relax and study with a cool mind. Believe me, keeping your mind calm will make it easier for you to remember what you just studied.

  1. Take Breaks


 “All work and no play makes jack a dull boy”

The most important thing to remember is that you can’t become a bookworm. If you make yourself like a bookworm then you will face issues of laziness, stress and depression. So, it is best advised to add up breaks to your timetable and make time for making yourself do something different from just studying all the time. You could take breaks in two ways which can be you taking a half an hour break every two hours or you could be taking a one or two breaks of an hour or more in which you could spend your time playing some sports like football or playing on a gaming console or surfing the net, meeting up your friends or just taking a walk in some garden or you could do whatever you wish to do whatever that makes you content and relieved. Or else you could take a short nap just to feel fresh again.


  1. Eat Healthy

Due the immense amount of stress that we have during our examinations, we sometimes end up over eating sweet food and drinks like chocolates, cookies, cakes, packed fruit juices, soda soft drinks and a lot more which is a very bad habit to have because this will result in you gaining your weight during your examinations and then it becomes difficult for you to get back to what you were initially. One should be cautious about what they eat because during exams there is hardly any movement as you are too busy and engrossed in sitting on a chair and studying. therefore, you must not over eat and have a balanced diet.

  1. Exercise to keep fresh

Most of the students these days are glued to their books and don’t move for hours while they are studying so, that’s another reason why they gain weight so rapidly. You must learn some simple exercises over the net and do those because those are very beneficial and they will make a difference in you as it will keep you fresh during your examination and it will also increase your stamina. Here’s something for those of you who find it hard to do exercise, you can walk around your house or garden with your book and study instead of sitting and study. This will make a lot of difference because you are providing movement to your body.

  1. Know your stuff well


Since you have planned up a timetable now, you have studied your lessons at least once so, that makes revision much easier than ever before for you and gives you more time and opportunity to revise as well. If you are not the reading kind of a person, then you must make mind maps for every topic that you study and if there is something that is totally out of your head and is very hard then you must web search it and learn it through videos, slides, webpages, etc. And if you develop the self confidence that you have revised so much then it becomes easier to do your exam with ease.

  1. Stay away from pessimistic people

I’m very sure that you have a few classmates who create a hoax that they have studied so much and then you end up panicking because you have hardly started your studying. Best way to not deal with these pessimistic people is to avoid taking to then or even if you talk to avoid discussing about how much you have studied because every individual is different and the way they study is different according to their span of studying at one time. So keep calm and things will go well hopefully if you try hard.

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