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7 ways to be Smart without Google


If ” Google it ” is your favorite phrase and favorite activity then maybe you need help to be smart. This is the major problem of today’s youth no work is done independent of Google . It is a storehouse of  knowledge and are reliable source of 11 Th hour rescue without it people feel lost and every work seems to be like  a pressure. That is the reason innovation in content , creativity , imagination , ingenuity are not only hard to achieve objectives but also underrated traits. For everything you tube is ransacked  for do it yourself (DIY)  videos. Although Google will be there till we have a loyal WiFi connection but it is not necessary to breed an empty mind  and make computer your new brain. The technology should be used as a tool not as a host. These small things will help in gaining edge over other people and becoming the maker rather than the user. These are 7 effective ways to be smart , upkeep your mental health, polish creativity and feel liberated from Google . Follow these tips and be competent independent of Google.

Sudoku–  This is probably the most genius game devised till date . It gets your mind working in every possible direction . It is an excellent mind exercise and can be counted on for improving the brain functioning drastically. The best part of Sudoku is it makes one very aware and opens all the channels of brain. One can find in almost every newspaper . Start with easy level get used to it for a month master it and take step forward towards another level. Once you get used to it you will be addicted to this game . And this addiction is not hazardous.


Meditation–  everyone knows about it. It is primarily used to elevate the level of consciousness and make a person aware and intelligent in his choices as one begins to know oneself better. Firstly it is a good trick to make yourself take some time away from internet. Secondly it will help to improve the concentration. Once you learn to focus , opening multiple tabs at one time , needing music while doing work or not being able to think on your own are problems that will be handled. Concentration and patience are the two main reasons which hinder our creativity and independence. Meditation will certainly help to boost the brain power and become smart.

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Read – Simply read. Read daily , read ruthlessly and aimlessly it will only help you to become better in personal and professional life. Nothing can inspire one as much as reading . A person needs to be inspired to create and have skills to be smart. Reading makes achieving these goals super easy . Reading is a food to the brain . Read classics they help in strengthening the vocabulary and improving grammar skills without any effort . This will minimize the number of red underlines beneath your text and usage o dictionary after seeing every mediocre words. Books are an amazing aid in improving memory and concentration. Instead of reading online or reading an E book it will help you to cultivate the habit of reading without diverting your concentration and interests . Plus it will also induce imagination into you which is very useful in many cases. Second daily which is a can’t miss is reading newspapers. reading news will automatically minimize the number of browses you make . Plus newspaper are a more handy source of reliable information than internet. As on internet you will find multiple browses for your search and each will appear according to its popularity rather than credibility and usefulness. Moreover reading newspapers will build your rhetoric and memory strongly.


Keep Exploring– Not on the internet! try reading new books and thinking new stuff. Take some old things and think what you can do with them this will substantially  improve your creativity and help you in being smart. Try finding new routes and going to new places so that your memory gets working. You should always be open to learning new things and new uses of old things once you have found them you  can surely upload them on the web.  But care to be popular? Then better be correct and useful . And how will you do that? By being smart! And to do all that you will have to follow the prior steps there is no other option than following these steps.

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Stop multitasking- Stop opening multiple tabs at a time or doing several things at a time this will help you manifest a  drastic change in your memory. When you are doing many things at a time the concentration will naturally dwindle. The most conventional trend among youngsters today is to listen to music while doing work as soon as you do that it triggers imagination in most of the people although it depends on the choice of the songs majorly. Most of the songs heard today are rock or country songs and these do not elevate the level of concentration in same way as the soft karaoke do. So next time you are doing multitasking halt and ask which work is most important and you will notice that your creativity and intelligence will slowly start delivering better results.


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