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7 Ways to Overcome Heartbreak


Everyone in this world has a craving for love; to be loved. Some people are lucky enough to find the right match for them. But soon the distances seem to be as the ever increasing phenomena and eventually there arrives a moment when either of the two calls it a day. The moment could be awkward for a few and really shattering for the ones who are too much into the thing called love. Break ups or the heartbreaks are the integral part of life. If you take them too seriously, you might end up living a life of solitude and loneliness. So the question is that how do you overcome heartbreaks? Here are some of the most effective ways of overcoming heartbreaks:

break up

Let the Hope Die

The only reason why people cling on to a relationship is because they have hope. They hope that things would never go the other way and they will always be happy. This hope can eventually end up being a big thorn in your thought process. Hope is a very good trait to have in your mental personality. However, when you have heartbreak, this hope can be the redundant feeling. You often have the hope that the things would get back on track and hence try to live in a hypothetical situation wherein you start imagining that you get back on talking terms with your partner. But the stark reality is that this would not be the case. So the first thing you need to do when you have heartbreak is to let this hope die out from your heart. In case you do get on terms with your ex, it is a well and good feeling. But you should not keep any hopes from your end.


Reset you Beliefs and Feelings

This might sound like a tough thing to do and indeed it is a tough task to accomplish. But if you really wish to get over heartbreak, you must reset your own beliefs and the feelings. The movies you watched, the songs you listened to and the culture you got exposed to made you believe in terms such as “The one” or “The Soul mate” while in fact according to the psychology of love there are hundreds of potential partners out there that you could fall in love with and the reason you aren’t meeting any of them is because of the limiting beliefs you acquired from the media. The best and fastest way to get over a breakup is to fix your limiting beliefs by learning more about the psychology of love. The more you learn about it, the more opportunities you will start seeing.

Keeping yourself busy is a misconception!

Yes. Do not get bamboozled after reading this. This is a very common misconception that if you keep yourself busy, you will have a much better chance of recovering from heartbreak. But in reality, the more you try to keep yourself busy, the more your inner self would remind you of the heartbreak. All in all, you will end up messing everything that you do in this phase. If you were Hungry, will keeping yourself busy help you forget about food one day? of course not it will just lead to increased hunger later on. You can’t solve a problem, especially if it was a breakup, by acting as if it’s not there. The right way to get over heartbreak quickly is to face the problem and to convince your mind that it’s over.

Burn the Pictures, letters and everything else!


When you have already had a break up, there is no point in living in your utopian world. The more you see the pictures of your loved one or your ex, the more you tend to think about them and the harder it gets for you to overcome the grief of the heartbreak. So right after the heartbreak, make sure that you remove all those things from your shelf and your life which would have the potential of reminding you of your good olden times.

Get rid of relationship dependency

Many people get into relationships to forget about the pain and the problems in their lives. If you managed to become less dependent on the relationship you will certainly get over breakups faster. Learn how to face life problems instead of escaping to a relationship and your life will be much better. You got to do this if you really want to come out of the heartbreak trap of your life.

Cry out


There is no harm in crying out and venting out all your emotions. Many a times we witness that people try to suffer in silence and refrain from letting their feelings be visible to the other people. There is no harm if you cry once in a while. You have had a heartbreak, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t be crying. Crying in such cases is completely natural and thus do not feel ashamed if your tears start rolling down your cheeks; let the tears come out. This, however, doesn’t mean that you should be crying over the spilt milk for ages and ages!

Avoid the person you broke up with for a while

This is very important. Don’t visit the Facebook profile, don’t try to message your ex and don’t do anything that can make your mind believe that there is hope. The fastest way to get over a breakup is to kill hope completely. The more you stalk your ex, the more you give a false hope to your mind.


Heartbreak is something that no one can do anything about. But if you are strong enough, you can certainly stop the heartbreak from getting the better of you.

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