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7 Ways To Go Green


Beautiful landscapes are vanishing; skyscrapers are taking its place. Rivers that used to flow freely through valleys now stay restricted by dams and buildings on each side. Forests are considered a waste of land which can be used better by building a multiplex. Animals found roaming in human settlements are killed. Well, if their forests are razed where else will they go? Zoos, trapped inside a cage. They would rather die.

Water and air are two of the most essential elements required for survival of humans. Seeing the present condition of these elements, I wonder if humans realize they are heading towards the path of destruction. If you think you still have time before you start taking environmental concerns seriously, the following news will change your mind.

  • Holy river Ganga is degrading. The behavior of people towards the river is appalling. On one side, they will trash it, dump sewage in it on the other side; they will treat it as pure water or Ganga jal. We have exploited it to its very single drop. Embankments, dams, dumping ground for sewage and what not.
  • Uttarakhand disaster-People of India witnessed the fury of nature live on their TV screens. No matter what the official reports says environmentalists believe that the disaster was the result of the actions of man and ignorance of the government. Mountains cut through for construction of road, commercialization of every spot possible, construction of buildings on land. The soil was eroded leading to landslides, everything destabilized the region.


These are just few instances, the actual level to which environment has been polluted cannot be justified by few official numbers. The time is not far when man has to pay for his actions and he himself bring the doom on this world. You can`t undo the damage but you can learn lessons from each one of them and try to minimize further harm.

People think environment and technology are antagonistic. Only one will survive. But this is not the case. Technology has become a part of our lifestyle and the idea of shunning all the devices and living the life as monks in Himalayas is implausible. But this doesn`t means we compromise our nature.

We just have to make some changes in our lifestyle. Use eco friendly machines as much as possible. Here are some small steps which when followed by each single person would make a large difference.

1)Use bio degradable substances

As far as possible, try using bio degradable substances in manufacturing of devices. In this way we can reduce the harm caused by non biodegradable substances once the gadgets become useless and they lie in the ground for years. Say no to plastic bags and yes to paper and jute bags! When you to to grocery shop and you don`t have any jute bag, try to put all the things in one polybag.

2)Use the flush effectively

Toilets use about 30% of the total water in a household. 3-6 liters of water is wasted each time you flush! Here is one pocket friendly solution to this problem. Put 3 small bottles inside the cistern. So every time you flush you save 3 bottles of water. Before installing the toilet system check the cistern size, go for a small one.


3)Use CNG

Even if it means you have to wait in a long queue. CNG is cheaper, cleaner, safe and efficient. Carbon dioxide is responsible for global warming. Reports suggest that CNG reduces carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide emissions by huge proportion.

4)Watch for leaking tap

Every drop is precious. People believe the next world war will be fought over water. Every time you hear a leaking tap, go fix it. Your small step can save 60 liters of water per week.

5)Use recycled paper products

You will be surprised to know that 1 ton of paper uses about 350.000 liters of water. Now using recycled paper products we can reduce the water usage significantly. Browse online for companies that produce copies of recycled pages.

6)Never keep the water flowing

No matter what you are doing- gardening, washing utensils, brushing your teeth etc. Always store the water in a bucket and take water from it rather than leaving the tap open. When bathing, try using a bucket rather than big shower as it wastes more water by spreading it all over the bathroom.

7)Dump the waste in garbage bin

Keeping land clean is as essential as keeping air and water clean. Always throw the garbage in dustbins. When you are travelling and there is no garbage bin in the vicinity keep the trash in your bag and throw it later.

These steps do not require mammoth efforts, loads of money or too much time. But the contribution they help towards saving the environment is immense. The hope lies in these steps, the weight to undo what we have done in past lies on YOU. Go green, save the Earth. Be selfish, do it for your own grand children but do it. Hope they live to drink fresh drop of water, breathe in pure air and watch the wildlife the way it should be seen.




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