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7 ways to feel beautiful


Beautiful is the most desired adjective we are always willing to listen when our name is taken. Every one has his/her claim to this feeling but what we essentially forget in the process is that outward beauty should not be in correspondence with our inner feelings of happiness and our self-esteem or self-image. We need to remember that a pug nose, blue eyes or chiseled features are not the paradigms of beauty. Beauty is a perception, not a tool or a product it will vary according to one’s influences and cultures. That is a very important reason why a person should not use beautiful faces to estimate their beauty. Secondly, features are something which is given by God we do not have a say in how we mere made but follows thereafter is our craft. You can change the way you look by changing the way you feel. Feeling beautiful is the only way to being charmingly and adorably beautiful. Here are seven suggestions to do that.

Work for your desired body type

The body is the house in which the mind resides to convince the mind that you are the most beautiful thing on earth you have to work towards the body type you have in mind. People feel under confident, shun from their favorite clothes, regret their food habits because they curse their bodies. They spend time in thinking how beautiful they will be once they achieve their desired physique or figure and they never feel beautiful in the moment. Whatever your desired body type goes and achieve it dress in what you love to and eat relentlessly that is the first step in being beautiful. It helps one to achieve a level of confidence and adds weight to the personality.

Follow your heart

You can feel attractive, pretty etc but you cannot feel beautiful without being happy. And the key to happiness is following your heart. Be the best each day and have a  clear vision for yourself about what you want to do in life once that is achieved things will be sorted out and life will become beautiful.
Stress is the enemy. Stress results in wrinkling and aging sooner than it is supposed to happen it take the charm away from face and results in contorting of natural features. It not only affects the outward beauty but takes way the zeal and happiness from the person on the inside. The face is not only a  mirror to the health of a person but also his thoughts. Positive thoughts will always find a way to mirror themselves on a person’s face and will make him /her appear beautiful.

Be calm

Anger, wrath, making faces, being depressed, agitated are emotions which will not work in your favor if you want to be beautiful always. If you are able to control how you feel then eventually a feeling of bliss and beauty will seep into you. To achieve this state yoga is the key and even meditation.  Meditation is a great tool in helping a person to calm down and take control of his mind once that is done a person is bound to feel happy, lucky and beautiful.


It is no secret that this is the key to being supremely fit and beautiful. it not only helps in preserving the original beauty of a person but enhances it. It is again an important tool in making one feel good about himself and giving one confidence. It works on various levels to induce positive thoughts in a person. Also get up early in the morning and go for a walk being close to nature always helps in stirring a feeling of beauty towards oneself and towards life. It frees the mind and paves ways for good thoughts.


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Take care of yourself

Pamper yourself with a lot of care and attention shower them with blessings on yourself. Whether you think it is shopping, following trends taking care of your skin anything related to your system needs to get out of your head and be done. This is important in making you feel good about yourself also try to maintain a good level of hygiene and cleanliness regularly. It leads to the emancipation of the body from the clutches of negativity and exhaustion. Once that happens a person is bound to feel lighter and happier and eventually beautiful.


Believe in yourself and take baby steps to achieve your dreams with full confidence once your body heart and soul combine there is nothing that can make you feel otherwise than beautiful. Get up in the morning and tell yourself “I am beautiful”. If you can bring a  smile on your face then there is a lot that has been achieved and will be achieved.

Don’t Compare

You are not more beautiful than anyone, you are not less beautiful than anyone, you are just beautiful. The day this phrase becomes a practice you will start feeling exceptionally beautiful. Do not make your happiness, or feeling beautiful, dependent on the eyeball you can garner but the smiles you can bring on faces!

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