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7 unique benefits of cashews


Cashews are the most common nuts which are served as snacks. They are also used in many recipes. These nuts are obtained from a tropical evergreen cashew tree. Apart from cashew nuts this tree also gives cashew apples. Cashew nut is actually the seed of this tree where as cashew apple is the fruit, produced by this tree. Cashew apple is used in many beverages and liqueur. Cashews are considered to be a very healthy ingredient. Cashews are rich in starch. The starch present in each cashew is equal to 10 percent of its weight. Because of the presence of starch, this nut is quite effective in thickening dishes which are water based. Here we have the list of 7 unique benefits of consuming cashews.

1. Cancer prevention


Tumour cells are responsible for dangerous diseases like cancer. These cells divide thereby causing cancer. Cashews contain flavonols which are named as proanthocyanidins. This flavonol prevents the multiplication of tumour cells and thus they help in preventing cancer. Additionally cashews have high copper content which provides immunity against the cancer cells. Cashews particularly prevent from colon cancer. This is the most important benefits cashews

2. Cardiovascular diseases


Nuts are always considered to be rich in fat content. But cashew is a nut which has low fat content. This low fat content helps you in maintaining your cholesterol level. The fat present in cashews is in form of oleic acid. This acid is also present in olive oil and it very beneficial for proper functioning of heart. High triglyceride levels are responsible of severe heart diseases like heart attacks. The presence of oleic acid in cashew helps in reducing the triglyceride levels. The reduction in triglyceride level also decreases the risk of heart problems and helps in keeping your heart healthy. Cashews are also rich in magnesium which helps in controlling the blood pressure. The high antioxidant content in cashews helps in preventing coronary heart diseases.

3. Skin benefits


Copper is an essential ingredient for our body. Copper helps in enhancing a large number of processes. The presence of copper is responsible for maintaining our skin and hair colour. Cashews are rich in copper and so the consumption of cashews will enhance the functioning of various processes in our body.

4. Strong bones


Strong bones are the basic necessity to keep us fit and healthy. If we don’t have strong bones then we cannot consider ourselves as healthy. People generally think that calcium is the only basic ingredient which is required for strong bones. But this is a wrong perception because calcium is not the only ingredient which is essential for strong bones. Apart from calcium, magnesium is also very essential for strong bones. Around 70 percent of the magnesium is present inside our bones and the rest is present on the surface of the bones. The magnesium present on the surface is utilised by the body and the magnesium present inside the bones helps in retaining the physical structure of the bones. Cashews are rich source of magnesium so to have strong and healthy bones, consumption of cashews is required. Moreover the presence of copper in cashews helps in providing flexibility in the joints and the bones.

5. Nerves


The scarcity of magnesium can cause nerve contraction. If we don’t consume appropriate amount of magnesium then calcium present in the body will start flowing through the nerves. The presence of magnesium helps in keeping our nerves relaxed and prevents contraction of the nerves. One should consume cashews at least twice in a week to enhance proper functioning of body nerves. Consumption of nuts will also help in decreasing many other serious problems like migraine attacks, blood pressure rate etc.

6. Gallstones


Gallstone is the formation of crystalline concretion in the gallbladder. This concretion is formed by bile components. The presence of gallstone may lead to a variety of problems. The gallstone may even erode the gallbladder. It is very necessary for women’s to eat at least one ounce of cashews nuts once in a week.

7. Weight loss

Now nuts are beneficial for those people who want to lose their extra weight. If you are going to consume cashews regularly then you are going to lose your weight more weight as compared to those who works out a lot for losing their weight. Well everyone knows that work out is very necessary for losing your weight or to keep yourself fit but consumption of nuts will do make some difference and will help you in losing your extra weight a bit faster. You might be amazed to hear that cashew nuts are enriched with good amount of fat. But this fat is termed as good fat which does make you fat but in fact helps you in keeping your body healthy and fit. Nuts contain a unique combination of different types of fat that is it contains saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats in the ratio of 1:2:1. It also contains some other important elements like dietary fiber which helps in better functioning of your digestive system. Nuts also helps in boosting up your energy level so it is considered to be very important for athletes and sports persons who need a great amount of energy for their regular workouts.

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