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7 things that will work for wooing a woman


Wooing a woman was never difficult and still is not it is just an overtly hyped statement by comedians and anti feminists. It is just that over the years men have forgotten how to do it right. Women need to be sure when making decisions about relationships. Even when they know the relationship has to be ephemeral they need an assurance that it will be right for them. They are more sensitive than men and less hasty than them in making such decisions. Making or creating a image via lies wouldn’t help if you are looking for a serious relationship because women are blessed with innate powers to be able to see through them . So don’t even try! The things you can try or qualities you can develop are right here which will work for a better future of you and your prospective lady.


This extinct art only found in movies now is supremely divine for women. Opening the door, pulling out the chair , paying the bills might be revolted by modern and feminists women but firstly even after denying them if they see it coming from you naturally especially the first two then there is nothing that can fail a good impression and stop one from entering their minds. Good manners and etiquette s ( not in a mama’s boy style please) make women fall. Another thing to remember is that there are myriad ways of performing this art. Be firm and determined but when it comes to talking , listening and encouraging be at your gentle best. Firm and cordial is a combination which always succeeds to woo woman. Do not be overtly luxurious with compliments but be very accepting there is  thin lie of difference which creates distinction between between a gentleman and a desperate sycophant.



Respect Her

 Respect is the mother of chivalry in all the senses. If you have  respect or women in general then many opportunities will come rolling your way. Unlike the old times women are aware of their relevance and their social standing and  most of the women would appreciate the understanding of these factors in men. Do not be so respectful so as to give  her a glimpse of her dad in you, your respect should manifest itself through support and understanding. Do not indulge in derogatory remarks or perspectives. Firstly this will help you to attract potentially intellectual and self made women.  Then secondly it will definitely ensure that you can make them stay!



If added to the two prior traits mentioned then it will qualify you for an immensely charming man who is a lady killer. Although sense of humor is a thing which cannot be developed by people by their choice and if you crack bad jokes then it can be quite a turn off. In that scenario compensate a sense of humor with positivity and taking it light. It always works. A serious person can never attract women towards him except for the case if he is extremely talented or powerful. Keep telling her jokes or texting her jokes although not that much and keep them decent. Do not go out of your way to be funny.But go out of your way to be positive that will change everything in your life for the better and will attract both friends and girlfriends. When sending jokes be careful about adult jokes you must filter them before sending them that is the most sensible thing to do. while wooing a woman you should be at your positive best women like to be hopeful and happy.



 Want to avoid your efforts from failing and getting your favorite woman then be clear and honest. Do not give false hope. Although women are a bit fantastical when it comes to wooing but this endangered trait will be eventually appreciated by them if not initially. The honesty i am talking about is your level of commitment for the relationship, your friends , the past relationships and why you like her. These things need to be taken care of. Honesty also implies loyalty  . Be a one woman at a  time man  of you can not be a one woman man. Girls today don not have the unreal expectations of marrying the man who woos them or thinking about taking their relationship to next level with anyone or everyone. Although that stage might come eventually but for that as i said you need to be honest with your level of commitment.


 Good face is not the only requirement for being eligible for this attribute. If you play guitar you are cute, if you are sincere you are cute , if you are chivalrous you are supremely cute, if you  are courteous you are adorable cute. Girls have many parameters of cute and not just face. Face value holds more importance for boys as compared with girls.

If boys possess all these qualities their charm cannot fail on any woman however fastidious she pretends to be she will fall and even stay!

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