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7 things to do to surpass boredom


Is there any tedious iteration that is bothering you in one way or other or it’s just some kind of weariness you’re feeling lingering around. Or to put in simpler words, that would make it easier for you: are you bored?

If No then, you’re at right place. There is a bountiful of articles in the website you’re surfing at this moment that might interest you. Scroll on and take a read.

If yes, you’re bored to the point of an ultimatum of kneeling residency; you’re at the right place. We can surely help. As the title suggests here we are providing some of the things that can be done when you’re feeling plain bored and need to pass the time anyhow (Life takes you to certain circumstances so better to be ready with)

Chances might be that the sorting might not be with your choice of things, but we can assure that there is everything for anyone. Just keep patience and have a read of the list. We are sure, if tried these can be really helpful.

Here is the compilation of things that would surely let you pass time:

Have a light show while sitting down for the dentist que(or any que or any boring place)

We’re not encouraging any ideas of crackers or some cabret right down there, however exciting does that sound: it’s plain illogical and might be illegal too. Well, what we’re suggesting might be a too basic thing to be done but surely will help you keep amused for a time period of 2-5 minutes.

What you have to do? Just close your eyes snugly and flutter an eyelid readily; or just keep blinking. You will see a large variation of stars, flashes and what not. Imagine some random shit and see if that is coinciding with the shapes being made out, it might be a cipher of some kind delivered you to by your subconsciousness. Just saying.


Try not to think about your last s..x experience

This can be added to your personal favourite later down the timeline. This is playful, hard and exotic as however much you try to keep your mind off it, it will go right there again. As the point is you’re avoiding these thoughts, they are more likely to occur in your mind. It can be amusing as hell and you would wonder where the time flew.

Another thing to mention, don’t try this at public place; as you may end up having a boner. Also, if you have none of such experience, reverse the last 2 minutes of this column. As it can be depressing and would certainly lead to foul mood. Think of penguins instead, we mean avoid.

Judge people around in your mind by their appearances

We are not talking about being racist, fascist by saying such. We just mean to put your observational power at best, and be the Sherlock of your mind. Observe people around; see their counterparts, headlines, amount of scratches on their handbags and whatsoever you find that can help you make something up for the person. It can be downright a time passing cliché and you’re doing something productive by putting your senses in action. Not a bad deal to think off.

You can even rate them on any scale you find interesting enough.


Hold a note for quite a time

This is something right out of the artistically endeavoured musician’s closet. It can’t be termed as some funny thing to do, but surely it passes time. And that’s what you were pondering over, right?

You can even bring a partner along, if he’s also surpassing this breeze of boredom. Inhale a long breath right down to your lungs and make some sound as long as you can pull off. See how elongated it goes, the note we mean.


Make-believe that you’re robot, preferably a cyborg

Who doesn’t love those moments that you’re nothing more than a mechanical person and the only sound you can make is the ‘zzzz’ sound as they show in the movies entrapped within a robot’s voice module.

We’re sure some part of movie is going on in your mind in which the character is portraying something similar. Why not try that out? It’s fun if you got the dance moves, and even if you don’t who cares? Just have a good time passing time.


Use your secret power gifted to you by the entity

It might sound the same as above, but you dumb-ass geekologist: robots don’t have superpowers. The best they can ever get is encoupled with artificial intelligence.

Well, the superpowers are the one that doesn’t even need the physical entity. Try to be the Charles Xavier of your own, and command people to follow your words. You might fail a couple of times, but you will rise again. And there would be certainly a chance stranger that will follow your commands and your superpowers will come to life. You can even share your newly found superpower on one of your social media profiles where you don’t have a life. Happy boredom!


Pinch/Scratch yourself

This is the thing about pain, It demands to be felt. Think so? Do as commanded in the bold, you will surely come to know in a couple of minutes that boredom in underrated and pain is another thing that comes superior to the list of avoiding criteria.


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