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7 Things that Should Never Be Done At All


Pregnant Selfies

Let me ask this to all of the mothers and their equally excited better-halfs, what kind of message are you trying to shout out to the world by posting a poorly cropped picture of plump belly with your checkered shirt up. What is there to show off in that overflowing trail of the preconscious night? As we can’t obviously see the baby, as belonging to the human race we have quite not evolved the x-ray vision yet. Is it about to come already, or you’re just waiting to wait more 4 months of obnoxious selfie, as one thing is sure no one cares about that shit until it’s out. Please get that unborn piece of flesh out of my news feed and move to a maternity centre as soon as possible. For heaven’s sake.


Inappropriate bargaining on price off the menu

You’ve not come down to a fish market, so it would be a far better if you don’t behave like being in one. Do you really think bargaining it off is really making it worth. I didn’t set the price so how can you believe that I can alter or invalidate any price off the menu? Well that just answers for your stupidity. And that doesn’t even make sense when you keep on buying while complaining simultaneously. My consumer friend, I respect you as that is a part of my job but is there something fundamentally wrong with you? If you’re so angry about the price range, so why are you doing it anyways. Save some starlight off the road, and stop quarrelling with the inevitable.


Driving right in the middle of highway

Why being subsided by the sheer conscious and the basic idea of traffic follow-ups by choosing one lane when you can have it all, right? NO, choose a goddamn lane.


Losing trail of your child in crowd

Sometimes I begin to wonder when people will begin to learn about the basic responsibilities that needs to be taken carefully. They are always in the news, they are always around a fucked up theme of a junk movie, yet the people will never give up on their choices of obscurity. Look around your neighbourhood, and you’ll find one out  of seven personalities exactly good enough to abduct your child in front of your eyes. So if it’s not tackled up in your mind yet, let me shout out again. It’s NOT fine to let your little kiddo wander off in the area of mass human population, say a mall. You can’t even imagine what will happen to your toddler if he doesn’t finds his parents their about in the next five seconds. Please pay attention to your kids or pay somebody else to the job for you. Don’t be an ignorant schumuck.


Carrying new-borns to inapt places

I understand that you can’t bear the longing of your newly born, but there should always come safety first and that should be your first concern. For the better sake, one might even expect a law for the same. If you can’t leave your child unattended at your home, then you better cut out the plan of going around for the day. There needs to be a certain kind of margins that shouldn’t be crossed when in vicinity of freshly out of the oven baby in hands. And that means a safety boundary because there are places where your child doesn’t belong at the moment.

For example, bringing them to the beach which is a dangerous point in its own self. Sunburns? Poisoning? Sands in the diaper? Reddening of eyes? It’s not safe for them out there, so better keep them out of such an environment. Another obnoxious choices of parents to hangout with their newly born are movie theatres. Is it that hard to get in your mind that your baby is not going to remember any of that dapper shit?  Rest assured the crying and spooning part that makes a huge big deal and a disturbance to the people who came to enjoy the movie. Which is clearly not happening with your case and theirs, so it’s better to spare the damage, right? Also, don’t even try to bring your toddler to the fancy restaurant outside the multiplex. As you can see, it doesn’t have a child menu; so better get the idea and leave the space asap.

article-2106678-11EAFC04000005DC-92_470x631 (1)

Line cutting in between

What is the point of that? Seriously, WHY? I keep questioning this to everyone in the blunt straightforward way as it pissed me off from the very beginning of my childhood when someone more than double my age would try to cut the line to get the ticket for amusement park before us. I see you vine, will you back off now.


Nose Picking

NO. Not in the subway. Not in the college. Not in your walk back home. Not in your KFC waiting line. Not in your group. Not in any public. Not in vicinity of a single person. Not at all. Eww.

Nose picking 1

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