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7 things you must do if you unfortunately got stuck inside the four walls of a cell



Note: This article is especially for  those who got locked in for mild and all the wrong reasons.

You will be amaze at the amount of varied reasons people get stuck inside the four walls of a cell- short term or long term. Reckless driving, drunken driving, protesting for a cause, thefts, breaking and entering and disorderly conduct are not unheard of. Some can be really hilarious- peeing in public, punching a cop, trying to sell drugs in so many unwise ways, trying to rob a bank or worse cursing at the judge in court.

But the most amazing ones spring from the surprising fact that some people intentionally go to jail. You’d think who would intentionally go to jail, but a little research on the subject will surprise you. Let me point out some- there are people who are actually curious and want the thrill of prison life. And then there are homeless people to whom prison means a roof over their head, food and a bed to sleep in. Some people in their desperation to quit smoking, seek the confinement of prison as a last resort. Or maybe your best friend is in prison and you decided to join because things are getting boring outside. And the list can go on.

For whatever reason you are stuck inside the four walls, do not while it away moping around. Instead spend away your time wisely. Do silly stuffs and sensible stuffs, try to turn the situation around. Here are seven perfect ways to do just that-

 1)    Read


The most reasonable thing you can do is make use of the prison library. Reading can be fun, if you still haven’t realized that, now is a good time to find out. You could feel like you are going to a lot of places through reading while you are stuck in one place- which would do you good. In any case, there is no down side to reading. It’s your best bet of making the most of your time inside the four walls.

2)      Enroll for a course

If you are staying in for a few months, enroll for a course. Prisons usually offer various courses or training on variety of areas for inmates. Look for one that interests you. Maybe you have always wanted to learn something but not quite had the time to do so. Take the chance, now is the time. You could maybe learn how to play an instrument, or learn cooking. You could surprise your family or celebrate yourself by cooking an awesome dish the day you are out.

3)      Party

Throw a midnight tea party for the whole prison. Nick in some juice, biscuits, anything you can lay your hands into, you have your voice for music, you can dance with your cellmate too. Of course at midnight, you all are likely to be locked up inside. The thing is to fix an exact time where everyone in every cell is going to get up and raise the cup together.

4)      Graffiti on the wall



This is not a sensible thing to do, so resort to it only when you have nothing else to turn to or when you think you are about to lose your mind. On the other hand, it is actually quite fun, especially if you are creative. Nick in something, anything that will write- chalk, pen, pencil, permanent marker is a great choice. Let your thoughts flow on every possible space of the walls, of your cell, the toilet. Mark your time there. But you might have to face up to your creativity later.

5)      Work out

Make an effort to keep your mind and body healthy- interact with nature whenever you can. Work out- you might not have luxury gym equipments but you can always use your own body weight. Prison is a tricky place to be, there are all kinds of people, record criminals. You might become a target if you appear weak, working out will keep you strong and fit. Be a part of the gang instead of being the target. In fact, get together with some and beat up a rapist or a serial abuser, make their life hell, they deserve it. You can be proud of it later when you are out.

6)      Play

Play all sorts of games. It’ll keep you active and on the go. You could play cards, board games, chess, even poker if that’s allowed. Pinochle could be really fun or best of all, play basketball chess. You can even invent a few games of your own. There’s bound to be a lot of cheating, instead of getting pissed, join in and come up with your own cheating techniques, have fun with fellow inmates.

7)      Write


Write. It’s a sensible thing to do. Keep a journal of your time inside. It will help. Or you could write about all the interesting stories you heard from your fellow inmates- how and why they got in, their stories. If it’s the first time you’re writing, you’ll enjoy it, not to mention making good use of your time. If in case you are already a writer, you might actually think of writing an actual book about prison life. Who knows it might become a bestseller and you could become rich.





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