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7 things you must give up to move forward


It is a well-known adage that the hardest part of end is starting again. Life is never a journey which can be termed as a cakewalk. There are always ups and downs in every person’s life. No matter who you are or no matter what you do in your life, you are bound to be stopped by many hurdles in life. There is simply no way you can remove these hurdles as they are bound to come. But you can certainly avoid these by simply ignoring or giving up on a few things in your life. Here is the list of things you need to give up in your life if you desire to march ahead in life with a steady head on the shoulders.



Delaying your own future plans can never lead you towards your goal. The moment you start procrastination, you tend to get deviated from the prescribed code of conduct which you own lifestyle has laid down upon you. You might always say that the best time to some work was about an year ago or a month ago but at the same time you should know that the second best time is now. So never refrain from working hard towards your goal and procrastinate your long term and short term plans.

“I choose to Do Nothing”

You should know that you only live once. So never waste your own time in doing nothing. There is no time in simply leaving things this way. Even though you might feel that you have nothing much to do and hence you should be resting, you should find some or the other way to utilize your time in a fruitful way. You must know that every day you will find an opportunity to choose things for you. How you choose your priorities now will set the tone for your future life. So make sure you choose things wisely.

The opinion of others

There is this basic human tendency of never liking or appreciating someone else’s work. They might pretend to be happy for you or even comment the same on your status updates on the social networking arena. But they are very few chances that they will actually be happy for it. Moreover, no matter how good or bad you do, there will always be a group of people having vague opinion about you. If you continue to pay heed to their words, you are bound to end up in a big mess. So never let the opinions of others get the better of you. If you want to move ahead in life, simply stroll forward , avoiding what others have to say for you.


Your Past failures

This is probably the biggest hurdle in your life. People often tend to lose their focus and determination in life because they think too much about the failures they have had in their past. The failures seem to haunt them to a great extent due to which even the bright hopes for the future moves towards a dim verge. You should never let this feeling of sadness about your past mistakes creep in your life. You should know that what happened is a part of your past and no matter what you do, you cannot change your past. Thus it is always a better choice to reconcile in the present and know that what matters is the present and not the past.

You can be wrong

There is always a feeling that you are wrong in doing something. Do not worry and stop because of this. You are a human being and you are bound to take a few bad decisions which can prove costly for you. But that should not hamper your decision making abilities. You must follow your gut feeling and get ahead in life. After all it is these mistakes which would help you to make better decisions in future.


Cursing the present

The people in the modern age have the habit of cursing the present. They never appreciate the good things in their life. All that they see is a few handful of bad things or slightly sad outcomes which is sufficient enough to overcome their self-confidence and there plans for the future. But this attitude is certainly not the right way to go. This will take you nowhere. If you want to lead a successful life and move ahead in your journey hoping to take giant strides in the future, you should stop cursing the present. You should admire the beauty of the things which are in your life at the present and enjoy every bit of life as it comes your way. This will certainly help you to grow stringer as an individual.

Making excuses

This is the last but probably the most important part. You must never make excuses if you wish to move ahead in life. Making excuses can take you to a gloomy world and nowhere else. You should reconcile in reality and rather look out for the solutions to the problems instead of making lame excuses for every other thing. Always remember that excuses don’t change results but actions do.

So gear up and give up these things if you wish to move forth in the journey of life.

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