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7 things which we should not eat


There is a large variety of things which you can eat. But this large variety contains many such -eatables which are not good for your health and so you should avoid eating such eatable. People are not aware of how much loss they suffer because of all these eatables. To happy a healthy life one should be aware of all the things which are harmful for your health. Here we have the list of eatables which you should never eat. These eatables may be responsible for most of your health problems. So if you want to be healthy avoid eating these eatables.

1. Canned food


Canned food is quite convenient these days because everyone is busy in their schedule and it becomes difficult for them to cook food. And so for their convenience they prefer canned food. Canned food is highly acidic and they can cause a lot of health problems like reproductive abnormalities, diabetes, neurological effects, prostate cancers, and heart problems. So to escape away from all these diseases you should always avoid canned food. You should always go for fresh food. You can also opt for frozen food.

2. Processed Meat


Processed meat is highly dangerous to eat. Processed meat is not fresh and healthy. They are processed with many chemicals which make them look fresh. But this freshness is deceptive because it is not natural rather it is artificial. The chemicals which are used are quite harmful. They can cause many dangerous diseases like cancer. Moreover sodium nitrate is added to processed meat to add flavour and colour to them. Nitrate is very treacherous for your health. When sodium nitrate enters our body, it is converted into nitrosamines. These nitrosamines are cancer causing radicals which multiply in our body. Apart from this the processed meat is not stored properly rather it is stored in a very unhygienic manner. All of it concludes that processed meat is very precarious for our health and so you should avoid eating processed meat.

3. Margarine


Margarine is not good for your health because it is rich in preservatives, Trans fat, free radicals and emulsifiers. All of these things are precarious for your health. These things make a person more prone to dangerous diseases like heart attacks, hormonal imbalances, infertility and skin diseases. So always try to get good quality butter which is extracted from pure milk. Pure butter would help you in fighting many diseases whereas margarine will make you more prone to diseases so you should avoid eating margarine.

4. Artificial sweeteners


Artificial sweeteners are tasty but they aren’t healthy. Anything which contains artificial sweeteners should be avoided. Artificial sweeteners are not healthy because they contain aspartame. Aspartame is not healthy because it forms methanol when it enters into your body. When methanol is carried into your brain it is converted in to formaldehyde. Formaldehyde damages the DNA cells which are present in our body.

5. Bagels


Mostly people prefer to have bagels in the morning before going out for work. According to them they are good for health but that is not true you should not go for bagels at all. As per the studies, bagels contain a high density of glycemic index which is not good for health. When you intake bagels then the glycemic present in those bagels increases the amount of insulin present in your body. And this results in increasing your body inflammation. Body inflammation has many bad side effects. Body inflammation can lead to various types of serious problems like speeding up your aging process, deteriorate acne and many more such skin troubles. Bagels should be strictly avoided by people who are already facing different types of skin problems.

6. Frosting


Now that frosting which is bought from a very famous and expensive store looks very delicious to you on your cakes and cookies. But have you ever thought that what type and kinds of products are used in making of this frosting. Frosting comes in the list of those grocery products which contains Tran’s fats. As per various studies, these Trans fats are proved to be very dangerous for you health and especially for your waist line. Trans fats are responsible for increasing the level of bad cholesterol in your body. Not only this, they also reduce the level of good cholesterol in your body which makes you suffer from various heart diseases.

7. Processed baked goods


Now readymade bakery products come in everyone’s favourite list. No one can ignore those goods if offered but you should learn to say NO to all such processed bakery goods. You must be thinking that how bakery products can harm your hygiene. But those pre-packed hot dogs, muffins, dessert nuts and all such products are the reason for your imbalanced diet. Well basically there are many reasons to avoid such products but mainly two main reasons exist. Firstly, these products are rich in different artificial sweeteners and extra sugar which will permit you putting on some extra long time provisional weight which will not be easy to reduce. Secondly, these products are not easily digestible. Your digestive system finds it difficult in digesting such products since they are filled with high sugar, bad preservative chemicals and so on consumption of such products, you will hamper your whole digestive system which will in turn result in many other problems.


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