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7 steps to be happy


People seem to be running after something or other. Some are after money, some want luxury, some want status, some want power and the rest are still figuring out what they want. But it never strikes to each one of them that all these things are overrated. Power, luxury, money, status is not where the heart truly lies. It lies in small things which don’t have a monetary value, in people who don’t care how rich you are, in moments that are worth capturing and in places without the computers, files and paycheck. There is no pathway to happiness. You won`t have to buy a map to reach the place with a board marked happiness. As the saying goes- It is not in the pursuit of happiness rather in the happiness of pursuit.


1)Do want you like

You must have read interviews of many successful people. There is one line common in all. When I was small I wanted to be a painter. This is the dream which they should have accomplished but now they are busy minting money. It is never too late. If painting made their heart dance, they can start painting. Chetan Bhagat was a successful banker, well settled in a big comfy house. He is now writing bestsellers because it was what he was destined to do. It is never too late to do what you love. If you are not happy with your present, change it now so that you can have a blissful future.


2)Prioritize your relations

Give importance to only those who deserve to be in your life. Your family will stand by you forever. Never leave them for anybody else, be it your friends or boyfriend. You are the sole priority of your parents and they should be yours! Strike out the toxic people, who fill your life with negativity and try to put you down.

3)Close your ears to “What will people say?”

“Don’t ever let somebody tell you. You can’t do something. Not even me.

You got a dream… You gotta protect it. People can’t do something themselves, they wanna tell you can’t do it. If you want something, go get it. Period”


People never want you to succeed if they themselves are failure. If they didn’t clear IAS exam, they will tell you-“It is so difficult. It will take you years to crack it” You will decide yourself what is impossible. Your limits should be set by you not some nosy neighbors who have nothing better to do.

Nidhi 20140513_190629

4)Earn to live, don`t live to earn

Disclaimer- the article doesn’t intend to say you can be happy only if you don`t run after money and stay poor. Let us face the real world. A pauper cannot be happy even if it rains or snow. Earn money, lots of it, just don`t make it your only aim. Don`t make your life motto – I want to earn, earn and earn! Earn to sustain your life but never let money control your life!

5)Work for success but have friends to enjoy that success with

Some people ignore their friends and focus only on their career. They believe friendships are a waste of time which distracts you from your goal. You may get the coveted job or position, but how will you feel when you will have no one to call? When you sit all alone in your cubicle wondering who to party with? There is nothing more depressing than not having someone to enjoy that success with.

Words of Ratan Tata
Words of Ratan Tata

6)Carve your own way

Never follow the herd. In the end you will realize the rest of the herd is happy and you are the one feeling dissatisfied. If you are born in a family of doctors, never succumb to the pressure. Be an artist if you want to. You might not be a successful child in the eyes of your parents or neighbors bit you will be happy. School is the starting point. Never get caught in the hype of IIT and CA. There is a future besides these professions. This future you have to carve out yourself. Bill Gates was not a topper neither was Steve Jobs. Marks are just numbers, they don`t decide your talent.

7)Happiness is in small things

Happiness is when you dance in the rain, when a small child hides behind the same curtain and laughs at being caught, when after a hot day you get to eat ice cream with your friends. It is definitely not in the new car you just bought, getting your apartment renovated, and wearing designer clothes. You have to look beyond the materialism and then you shall find happiness, which doesn’t require any payments. It is in the laughter, the joy, the struggle, and the achievements. All these things will never find a place in your balance sheet.


In the end, this list is not exhaustive. These steps don`t guarantee happiness but they sure push you one step ahead. These steps will make you introspect. You will question yourself. When you stop being complacent and start looking for more, it is at that moment your search for happiness begins. You start exploring, challenging yourself, taking risks and overcoming them.

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