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7 Steps To Check Cracked Feet



Summer is the season that gives us the freedom to wear whatever we want, to get again in the fashion of the trendy clothes and footwear. We don’t need to think about the chilling cold and snow, which are obstacle in the months of winter. But this enjoyment of summer also cost something like suntan, sunburns, and skin cancer due to the exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the Sun. In this case, we do a lot of stuffs to keep our face and neck protected from the sunrays and check their dryness but we forget to keep care of our feet somewhere.

 Our feet are the most vulnerable part of our body as it has lesser number of oil glands as compared to the other parts. Thus they are prone to dryness much more than our face or hands. And this dryness consequently makes our feet cracked, which is also known as heel fissure. There may be many factors behind these cracked feet. Broadly, lack of moisture, chilly winter, chlorinated water, harsh soap, exposure to water continuously, use of wrong footwear, even overweight can lead to the cracking of feet. Diseases like thyroid and diabetes also affect our feet to a great extent.

 So, here is the list of few suggestions, which might help you to get over the cracked and dry feet.

Honey Mask For Your Feet

honey mask

 Honey is the best moisturizing agent ever known. It has an amazing healing power for dry and cracked skin. One can make honey mask at home only ans use it for beautiful and smooth feet. The recipe for the honey mask:


  • Honey 2 tsps.
  • Coconut oil 1 tsp.
  • Milk cream ½ tsp.
  • Orange juice ½ tsp.


Mix all the ingredients with the proportion given and put it in refrigerator for sometime and then apply it on your feet. Put it in greater amount at the area more prone to dryness. Keep it for approximately 1 hour and then wash it off with lukewarm water. After washing it well, pat it dry with clean towel. One should keep in mind that it should be patted dry not at all rubbed harshly as it would leave your feet scrubbed and dry again.

Moisturization At Night

moisturization at night

This step is one of the oldest ways to keep your feet full of moisture. In fact, one can apply this formula in summer as well as in winter too. If you are nature friendly and believe in the remedies derived from the things used in home in our daily life then you can use Ghee or coconut oil to massage your feet and then wear a pair of cotton socks overnight. If you want to be away from any smell of ghee or coconut oil then you can also use any moisturizing lotion for your feet and then the pair of cotton socks. For better result, you can use the lotion which is especially made for feet like foot massage cream or foot moisturizer.

Appropriate Footwear

right footwear

This is one of the necessary steps for keeping your feet healthy. Footwear of right size and good material keeps your feet in a right manner without forcing them to tolerate any pressure or exhaustion. Good footwear keeps the feet in shape and checks them from being weary. Footwear made up of rough or cheap fabrics or material leaves our feet tattered.



If we are talking about moisturizing, then how can we forget to name ‘banana’. Ripe bananas act as a moisturizing agent for everything in fact for hair too. You can put mashed ripe banana on your cracked feet and then leave it for sometime. After 20 minutes wash it off with lukewarm water and pat it dry with clean towel.

Pink Feet With Pink Roses

rose water and glycerin

You can also apply the mixture of glycerin, lemon juice and rosewater on the affected area. It will soothe and cure the dryness of the feet very fast and effectively.

Vitamin E Diet

vitamin E

Vitamins and minerals are the important constituents of our diet when we talk about the healthy lifestyle and glowing skin. Some vitamin E rich foods are Parsley, almonds, sunflower seeds, avocado, papaya, taro, apricots, broccoli and turnip greens.

Rice Flour Mask


Rice flour is a natural scrub, which gently exfoliates the skin and prevent from generating dead cells over the skin.


  • Course rice flour powder 3tsps.
  • Honey 1 tsp.
  • Apple cider vinegar 1tsp.


Mix all the ingredients mentioned above in the fixed proportion to make a suitable paste. Apply the paste on the feet as in to fill the crack with the paste. Allow it to dry for sometime and then wash it off with lukewarm water and pat it try with clean towel. It will act as a scrub that will remove dead skin cells and then leaves your feet exfoliated and clean.

So, these were some of the remedies, which you can use for having beautiful and smooth feet naturally, without any fear of having side effects.

beautiful feet

Stay beautiful!!!


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