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7 Stages Of A Break Up


It is the love between the two people that is always talked about. Very rarely do we see the instances when the stories of break ups take the center stage. In the cases we do see such stories being discussed; we often end up hearing the different aspects of this particular thing known as the break up. The word might not sound like a very impactful one but the tremors of any break up are deeply felt. So what exactly perspires during the break up? What are the stages of the break up? Here is a look down at the same.


Stages of A Break Up

The mental Build up

Very rarely do we see any mutual break ups. In most cases, either of the partner is the one who wishes to separate while the other begs like anything in order to get back to the normal ways. Do not consider the one who breaks up as the villain; because in most cases, a break up is always a result of a thoughtful introspection. When there seems to be no way out, that is the situation when a person in relationship is forced to take this call. The situations, the atmosphere and the people who surround you often help you to decide what is better for you. Maybe your partner wishes to continue and does not see this break up as a fruitful act, but you should try to make your understand the pros and cons of bit. Break ups can help you grow as an individual!

The Shock

When the mind is ready to break up, you finally try to get your emotions to your partner. For the partner, this thing comes as a total surprise and do not be startled if they lose their calm in this process. Most of the times, it is the acceptance by your partner which is the biggest hurdle in front of you. You know what benefits you would get from the break in the future, but your partner fails to think on the same lines. So for the one who receives the shock; what are they supposed to do? This is a simple question to answer. Do not panic and try to ask your partner for the reasons. If they fail to give any valid reason, do not pester them to continue. Because even if they continue, they might never have the same feelings for you. At times, it is better to let go. If your partner really needs you, they will surely come back to you.

I do Not Accept!


Break ups are not the things which every person can handle with maturity. The denial and the fight does follow up. The moment you receive a break up call from your partner, you might start fuming. Most of the times, it is the anger that takes on your depression. You end up with a feeling of seeking vengeance and what not. Do not indulge yourself into such melodramatic feeling. Be strong enough to accept the fact and try to give your partner some space. During this stage of a breakup it is common to call, email or even Facebook-stalk — anything that feels remotely “normal” about the relationship — in an effort to put dealing with the heartbreak on hold.


Who wants to break up anyway? The moment your loved one asks you to break up, you tend to get angry and the tempers start soaring. You abuse or at times may get violent. What is the use of abusing someone you loved? Do not expect the person to come back in your life after such unscrupulous actions.

break up

The Question Answer Round!

Most of the break ups are not as sad as the people around you make it to be. You end up breaking up and somehow convince your partner to separate. But then begins the role of the society. There would be millions of jobless people willing to know the reason behind your break up. Do not get startled if your partner is somewhat lesser interested in talking about your break up than your own friends. So what to do? The answer is quite simple. It is good to be rude at times. Ask the people around you to mind their own businesses and talk to a limited group of people who are more keen on making your mood go high again!

The Lonely Part

break up pain

No matter whether you are the one who is breaking up or you are the one at the receiving end, you are bound to get into the lonely phase sooner or later. It is good to be lonely for some time as it gives you a much needed time with your inner self. You tend to know your own emotions in this phase. You have every reason to stay alone for some time. Moreover, being alone also keeps you away from the millions of questions the people are concerned about. Do not indulge in self-pity by letting irrational thoughts like “No one will ever love me again” take over. And dotake regular showers and create reasons to face the day (work, social activities).

The acceptance

The hardest part of end is starting again. This is the last stage of any break up. Time can heal almost everything. With time, you get used to the fact that you have broken up. So you finally accept the terms of life and start moving on.


Who knows, you might find someone better at some stage of life? Stay calm and stay positive.

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