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7 signs that will help you decide on your relationship


Oh my God! You are dating again! That’s so great to hear from you. Apart from the first few dates, long night calls, you’ve rightly started to break the ice from your single life. That’s a good sign in the first place, and now when you’re trying to step afoot this relationship; there might be chances that you’ve wondering that if it had got legs to do that. You’re currently not official enough to hang out with each other’s’ friends let alone even discussing about them. Yet, you’re on the verge of having the where-this-relationship-is-going conversation with your date.

If you feel compatible with any of the arrangement of words we talked about before, surely we can help. Here we provide some suggestive tell-tale signs that will confirm your doubts on whether to lock the damn thing down.

You’re not his/her friend anymore

“No we’re not friends. “ “He/She is just someone special”. If these lines escape your tongue every other night you’re out clubbing with him, or just spending time around.  And this word friend has been playing a latch between you, disgracing demeaning you time and again. Well, it’s one sign that you’ve stepped a lot ahead the normal definition of the particulars. Friend is just an understatement now, while time has yet not arrived for any other labels. But we’re sure as hell, it’s going to be interesting.


Someone is getting possessive

Well, let’s not pick sides again. We’re not talking of a possessive bitchness spreading the venom around. We’re referring to the sweet jealousy you feel when someone other than you hits on your partner or let’s just say buy her/him a drink. Also, the case might be altered. And you get uncomfortable when a colleague of opposite gender tries to be close to you on the clubbing game while you’re just wondering on some part of your mind, cuddling with your sweet hottie in your pyjamas. And certainly we accept that the latter plan resonates a lot better.


Teasing is on

Well dating has its own little perks, and one of those are the harmless fun teasing’s you get while you’re spending time with friends about the one.  And with time, it’s getting really hard to play along with the casual dating game when you know you both have crossed the casual line a long time ago, and you can’t help but smile profoundly when you get the texts from him/her. And when that happens, there’s no way your friends are going to leave you without teasing the hell out, and all you would be left with is giggles. The way you can’t stop talking about him the hour long is clearly a tell-tale sign, girl.


You’re full of positive energy

One thing about getting into a right relationship is that it boosts up your positive energy to optimum boom.  Whether it’s within the family, or at office or at the simple regularities; it would feel like someone has changed your batteries to 10X. And you went from becoming self-reliant to this motivative giant, and we’re not talking size here. This is just because of the sheer thought of happiness that accompanies with being with the right person at the right time. We think, you’ve gotten what we’re saying about.


The feelings are real

You’re sure that this is not the other incident of rampant infatuation, but the real deal. It’s the thing that is going to be the reason of butterflies. And you actually are beginning to care about them and their little details that might affect them. Her/his happiness is becoming a part of yours and even the thoughts of hurting those makes you feel nauseous. Well, what can be done now girl, you’ve fallen.


Your parents know a good deal about them

Discussing the dating life with your friends is quite common in the circles and a blessing in disguise for imperative opinions. But you’ve mentioned them to parents even. Well, here comes the trouble. And folks, you asked for it. (P.S. we’re just kidding). The fact that your parents are in good confidence about the relationship; it might actually be a good thing. And then the talks will go around what he/she does for a living, where do they live, are you both sharing the apartment, you finally settling down- and the good chances are they might you to invite him/her on brunch sometime. Well folks, you asked for it. (P.S. it’s still a good thing).


This thing is not just abou

Well, we already discussed about the feelings part earlier and it’s pretty much the same round again. But it’s for the semi-nymphomaniacs out there. The moment it crosses the just part, you will know what you’re craving for is far above it. They’re not just flesh for you, but soul. You spend much more time in the ecstatic sensations, rather than the main course. You want to devour yourself into their bodies, and soul: and it’s becoming hotter than just a part even transcendence. Well, now is the time already.

P.S. Now you would love to have the conversation about, where this relationship is going. As you know for sure, wherever that is, it’s wonder-la.


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