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7 signs that show you have anorexic tendencies


Anorexia nervosa is something that the whole world is familiar with. It is basically an eating disorder where the person has a constant fear of gaining wait and finds excuses to not eat properly, at all. Due to this fear of gaining weight, people restrict their normal food intake which results in drastic weight loss and also makes the body vulnerable to other diseases. Anorexia nervosa mostly occurs in female because they are always under constant observation and the society, it’s people have a certain perception towards women on the heavier side. The society refuses to embrace curvaceous women despite so much being written about how females crave for acceptance and  how this constant battle affects women’s health. You, yourself might be suffering from anorexia or your tendencies might be pointing towards it. Here are some symptoms that could detect if you have anorexic tendencies or not.

1) Constantly denying being hungry 

This is like the first of firsts. This could be your very first anorexic tendency and it is so common that most of us conveniently brush aside this one. Okay so the possibility of a person never being hungry is, well, zero. So, every time your mom asks you to come down for dinner and you simply tell her that you aren’t hungry, you are inviting anorexic trouble. This whole denial habit begins due to a person’s insecurity about their weight and they just control their daily food intake by telling others that they aren’t hungry that too,all the time, which is obviously not possible.


2) Extreme exercising 

Exercising is good for both mental and physical health. But it is destructive and unhealthy if you don’t do it the correct way. People who think they are enormously fat often indulge in hardcore exercises which leads to a considerable weight loss. If you exercise more than your body requires and often push your limits and test yourself as to how much you can lift, you are only showing signs of having anorexic tendencies. People who suffer from anorexia reportedly, exercise more than they should in a bid to lose the excess weight they think there is on their bodies.


3) Wearing baggy clothes to hide your ‘fat’

If you get really insecure about wearing a skirt or shorts or a top that reveals your mid riff or any part of your body you feel is too bulky, you could be heading towards anorexia. Choosing to wear baggy clothes only out of a choice for more comfortable clothes is absolutely okay, but if wearing tight or revealing clothes makes you really conscious and you keep thinking about how fat you must be looking and your only respite seems to be that over-sized sweat shirt, then this might just develop into something bigger and abnormal.


4) Preferring to eat alone

Another major symptom of being anorexic is willing to eat alone rather than with your family, friends or other people around. Anorexic people get very anxious when they are eating with people, so anxious that they even have a hard time keeping it together. They have this thing of eating alone or only when there are sure no one can see them. That is their fear of eating in public and they have a hard time overcoming it. So if you make up excuses to not eat with people and most of the signs mentioned here match with your daily habits, you need to visit a doctor.


5) Throwing up after a meal or having the urge

This certainly gives it away. If you feel like throwing up after a meal or have voluntarily thrown up after a meal, you could not only be anorexic, but bulimic too. Vomiting is a very extreme way of controlling your food intake and it’s not something to be taken really lightly. Throwing up will also lead to irregular bowel movements and regular vomiting will make it even harder for your stomach to accept food. Throwing up after eating is like altering your whole digestive system. If your self made weight issues are making you take such extreme steps towards losing weight, then it could make you do something more dangerous.

Girl near toilet

6) Embracing meal rituals

If you believe in those weird eating rituals which claim to make you lose excess weight, you could be anorexic. Following meal rituals like, counting the number of times you chew your food or cutting your food into tiny pieces so that you successfully trick your stomach into believing that you have eaten what is required or spitting the food after chewing it are just some really common trends that people with anorexic tendencies follow. These are mild ways of controlling the amount of food you eat in a day and you might exhibit these while just starting to show anorexic tendencies.


7) Cooking for others but not eating yourself

This is one of the major behavioral symptoms of anorexia. Cooking fancy meals for other people and inviting them over while you just sit and watch them eat is a practice that stems from jealously. Jealousy itself, stems from insecurities. So your fear of putting on weight and self doubts makes you even more insanely jealous of other people around who you perceive as being perfect. This habit could easily mistaken as a friendly practice.


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