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7 Signs That You Are Living Your Life Amazingly


There are times when we dread to wake up and want to get out of the hassle of the everyday struggle. Where we just have to force ourselves to have some fun and enjoy our day for a change. Nobody has a perfect life or the life they wish for but it is on them how they  manage to make their life worth living. A life full of happiness is what everybody wants. However, there are situations we can’t deal very well with or can’t see any signs of success but we just have to believe in ourselves and don’t need to be so hard on ourselves. Its not very uncommon that everyday feels the same and we can’t suck the marrow out of life. But there are some people of an uncommon breed who don’t want to live their life just as it is. They keep stretching themselves and keep changing everything with their creativity so that they don’t get bored. If you have any of the following signs then you are one of those people who are living their life amazingly.

1. Living in Present


There is nothing important for you than this very particular moment. “Tomorrow is mystery. Yesterday is history. Today is a blessing.” Whenever you think about future or dwell on the past, you lose power and faith in yourself. There is an amazing quote “Never look back until its a good view.” Memories are very important but only the good ones. So, whenever you think about your past, just think about the happy and funny moments. But, the most important thing is being here right now. The thing you are doing right now is the most important thing you have to do. Just do it like your life depends on it, whether its brushing your teeth, taking a bath, combing your hair or climbing stairs, anything. When you live in the present then your body awareness also increases and if you embrace the present moment most of the times then surely you are living an amazing life.

2. No Need To Judge


The second sign is that you no longer feel the need to start judging other people or judging yourself. Judgement is directly linked to fear and fear is linked with separation. So, whenever we judge someone, including us, we feel separated. The lack is coming from ourselves whenever we try to impose our judgment on someone. The main reason of judgement is comparison. We compare ourselves to other just because we don’t feel worthy and don’t love ourselves unconditionally. Once we can stop judging ourselves, we can stop judging other people and that’e when the life becomes amazing. If you don’t judge yourself then you are leading a purposeful life for sure.

3. Your Work is your Life Style


The third sign is when your work becomes your lifestyle. When you say that you love what you are doing and you will be doing the same after 5 years from now and after 10 years from then. You really feel that it is the part of who you are and you know that you are succeeding. You don’t feel the time when you are doing this thing and you get excited every time you are doing it. It is not work for you but its an honor. If you are doing what you truly love then you have an amazing life.

4. Sharing Your Vision


When You are sharing your vision with the world then it is a sign of an amazing life. You know that you are not a victim but a co creator and you want to share all of what you know. You also want to learn from other people and apply that into your work to make it better. This is what gives you life a purpose and makes it more fascinating.

5. Questioning Your Reality


The fifth sign is that you are questioning your reality every single day. You are questioning your belief system. You are seeing that you are living in a world of infinite possibilities and these possibilities are giving you opportunities and these opportunities are helping you manifest whatever you desire. Just when you become aware of your thought and the words you use then your whole outlook, your whole perspective on life. The more you question, the more you expand and that gives rise to a greater human experience.

6. Not Concerned with what others think


The sixth sign of an amazing life is when you are no longer concerned with what other people think of you. You are more concerned about the perception you have of yourself. When you don’t care what anyone thinks, then you reach a dangerously awesome level of freedom. It is a blessing to let go of fear and to surrender to who you really are and just relax. So, we should let go who we think we are by pushing the boundaries.

7. Making Time for Friends and Family


This is one of the most important sign yet most uncommon too. We never have time for our beloved ones and when we realize what we are loosing, its too late. When you don’t give time to your family then no matter how you are juggling with your life, you are not going to be happy. But when you start creating time for them then you become an architect of time, not a slave of time. It all starts with your thinking. So, these are the signs that prove that you are living an amazingly happy life.

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