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7 signs that you are dating Mr. wrong


Dating is quite common these days. Girls have started dating random guys like through facebook or any other social networking sites. But in this type of random dating it may happen that the guy chosen is not a right person. When you go in some informal event or in some birth party, you get to meet many people. It may happen that you find your Mr. Right in that particular event or party. But before going further you should make sure that the guy you are dating is the correct guy for you. So here we have the list of few points which can help you in judging the person you are dating.
1. Doesn’t encourage your growth.


People always try to encourage the one whom they love. If you are dating someone and that someone doesn’t really appreciate you rather he puts you off every time then he is not the right person for you. This happens when you are dating a wrong person. And the wrong person is not encouraging you and your talents because he cannot see you growing. This proves that his love for you is not true. Because people who love there partner would always like to see their partner growing and getting successful.
2. He flirts with other girls

You cannot judge a guy randomly on the basis of his looks and personality. So you need to encounter his habits for judging him properly. One of the most common habits of boys is flirting. If you find that your boyfriend is very flirty and he flirts with every second girl he meets then he is not the correct guy for you. Flirting occasionally is something which is not objectionable. But flirting every now and then is not acceptable. So if you are dating someone then don’t ignore his habit of flirting with other girls.
3. He cannot control his temper

Adjustment is the most important factor, if you want any relation to work. But if you notice that the guy you are dating is not adjusting with you rather he gets angry at every small issue then you need to make a move. If someone is really in love with you then he will not get angry at your mistakes rather he will try to make you understand.
4. He puts you down

Every loving boyfriend is concerned about his girlfriend’s reputation. And so he will avoid getting involved in any stuff which will ruin your image or reputation. But if you are dating a fake person then he will not care about your reputation and will do whatever comes to his mind. If you are dating a guy and he is constantly doing things which may put you down then he is not your true love. In this case you should talk to you boyfriend and if he still doesn’t get your point then breaking up is the only option you are left with. You will not get anything except ruined reputation from this kind of relationship. So it’s better to end such relationship rather than keeping your image at stake.
5. He doesn’t have a healthy relationship with his mother

If you are dating a guy and you notice that he doesn’t share a good bond with his mother then you need to be alert. Because in most of the cases if a guy doesn’t have good relations with his mother then it means that the person doesn’t respect females. And when he doesn’t have any respect for women, he will not even respect you. And if a guy doesn’t respect you then he doesn’t loves you. So make sure that your boyfriends share a good bond with his mother and also he has some respect for females. Respect is must in every relationship.


6. He is always right

always right
If you have a boyfriend and he is really in love with you then he will consider your opinion in each and every decision of his life. But if you are dating a fake person then he won’t ever consider your suggestions rather he will impose his decisions on you. So if you notice that your boyfriend thinks that he is always right and he is least concerned about what you think then this is an indication that he is faking in front of you. Break up is the only option you are left with in this case. If you still want to make your relationship work the talk to your boyfriend and make him understand your perspective. If he understands then you can continue.
7. He keeps on talking about himself

If your boyfriend keeps on talking about his achievements, his personality and his success the he is not just fake but is also stupid. Sensible people don’t advertise themselves every time. So if your boyfriend has this trait and he keeps on talking about himself and is not interested in listening to you then your boyfriend is not sensible rather he is stupid. No one would like to continue with a stupid person. so before getting in a serious relationship with someone you should make sure that he is the correct guy for you and you are not jammed with any stupid creature.

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