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7 Reasons to Stay in Touch with Old friends


Lying down lazily in my bed I scroll through my contact book and I am surprised to see so many numbers to which I haven’t contacted in like years. School friends, old neighborhood friends and so many other friends who used to be an important part of my life at some point of time and now it has been so long since I even heard their voices, leave alone seeing them. I also happen to still have maintained contact with a few old friends and I cannot explain how delightful I feel after talking to them or hanging out with them.

I love going to new places, meeting different people and making new friends. Every time I am around a different set of people I get a chance to portray myself the way I like. They will not know how I used to be, if I was pretty earlier or how I used to act before but they will only know of me from what I choose to show. Yet the old friends have a charm of their own. And honestly if I could, I would love to reconcile my bond with so many of them just the way it used to be earlier. Here are 7 reasons why you should try your best to stay in touch with your old friends.

stay in touch with old friends 3

They know you really well

This is something they are always going to get brownie points for. They have seen how you used to be during your middle school, or what kind of a person you were in high school. They have known you for so long and they know too much about you. They know your habits, your likes and dislikes, your dreams and your passions, just everything. One sure shot amazing things about old friends is that they have seen you growing up from that crazy-head kid to the ‘ready to take over the world’ adult. And most importantly they have allowed you to grow.

You are always comfortable with them

hold on to old friends

I have a friend whom I have known since 1st grade. We used to play together in the evening and we pretty much grew up together. And today even if we go months without talking to each other we can feel the same sense of comfort, the next time we talk, which we used to have earlier. This feeling of comfort is always there whenever we are with our old friends. We don’t feel the need to impress them or masquerade anything neither we fear any judgement from them; in fact we can open up freely and very comfortably around them.

We have truck load of memories together

People we share most of the memories with are often the closest to us. Then be it happy memories or sad ones but they all just bring us closer and make the bond deeper. And sitting with your old friends and revisiting those precious memories, or some insanely hilarious stories, always brings bundles of joy!

They are our oldest secret keepers

Our old friends are also our oldest secret keepers. The English teacher you had a crush on in your junior school or your craziest fantasies you din’t tell anyone about, guess who still knows it all? Yes, the old friend! And yet they have kept all your dirty secrets safe throughout all these years.

They have seen each side of us and still accepted it wholeheartedly

stay in touch with old friends

The old friends are well aware of all the different versions of our personality. Since we have known them for a long time they have seen us go through all sorts of situations and phases in life, the great as well as the tough ones. As much as they have seen our fun and sporting side, they have also been witness to our rather ugly ones. And yet they accepted all of it graciously and chose to be our friend. Your currents colleagues might not do that. So hold on for the old friend!

We trust them

They are the good old people who have been in our lives for long and we have got familiar with each and every nerve of theirs. And hence there has developed a trust which we struggle to have with relatively new friends. We don’t know much about the people we have recently befriended and therefore we often tend to have certain trust issues with them whereas with the old ones you need not worry even for a second. Nevertheless there are also exceptions but the chances are that if you have known a person from a pretty long time, you have got a complete insight about them by now and you know exactly that till what extent they can be trusted.

They have their own charm!

stay in touch with old friends 2

Come on isn’t that true! They will always have a different charm which none of your new friends can ever match to. And it is due to this very charm that even after years have passed whenever you get together you can be assured of having hell of a crazy time! And we love crazy times don’t we? And of course we love those wonderful people!

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