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7 Reasons Why You Should Meditate Daily!


Ever since the ages, it has been a known a fact that the only natural way to get rid of all your mental issues and problems is meditation. But despite of knowing this adage, we fail to understand the need for meditation. Whenever we see someone down with stress, we are the ones who advise them to meditate in order to get over the issue. But the moment the problem is with us, we refrain from meditating and try every other alternative. Why be such hypocrites when we can meditate and yield benefits? Here are some of the reasons why you should meditate every day!


Reasons Why You Should Meditate

The Ultimate Stress Buster

Meditation is known for lowering the amount of cortisol in the body and also lowers your heart rate which helps in reducing the stress big time. Cortisol is the hormone which is responsible for developing the stress related feelings in our body.

Gives You a Sound Sleep

Not only does meditation help you to fall asleep quicker but it also upsurges the quality of your sleep. If you sometimes wake up feeling more tired than when you went to bed that meditation is something you need to try. So the moment you feel you are a sleep deprived person and you are failing to get the right amount of sleep in your everyday life, you should start to meditate right away as it is the one stop solution for giving you the right amount of sleep and a good one.

The Emotion Regulator

Meditation, focusing on mindfulness in particular, is a great help at regulating emotions. If you are one of those people who feel stressed due to emotional reasons and are always preoccupied with your sentimental feelings, then meditation is something that keeps you on the peak of your mental fitness. When you start to meditate, your ability to express your emotions increases manifolds. This can be very vital in giving you a good healthy living. It is a known fact that the one who has the right ability of expressing their emotions without fear, are the ones who live longer and live a happy life.


The Sub Conscious Mind

If you have an over-active mind at night, or during the day, you know how frustrating it can be. You might be one of those who keep thinking about something or the other every now and then. You do not the mental peace because at the back of your sub conscious mind, there are always some thoughts lingering around. Due to these thoughts, you are always a sure shot victim of the mental fatigue. This is certainly not at all beneficial to you in the longer run of life. This mental fatigue can have a very serious impact on your mind and hence eventually affect your mood and decision making abilities. When you meditate though you are focusing on just one thing or one particular topic. However, what you think depends solely on your state of mind. Your mind may slip at times but you can bring it back to that singular focus. With regular meditation you will begin to cultivate a quiet mind and inner peace.

The Age Factor

This might sound a little startling for most of the people, but when you develop this art of meditating every day and you do meditate without fail, you get a much vibrant and dynamic look. Meditation has the ability to control your age. Some of the benefits of meditation is already known to us. The moment you add this age factor into this list of fruitful benefits, your mind motivates you to meditate right away. This does sound a lot more prudent idea, doesn’t it? So the anti-aging factor might drag your attention towards this art of meditation. You still doubt this particular thing? Why not try to meditate and see the benefits yourself?

may-i-meditate_meditation (1)

Beyond the meditation Hours

It is a very common misconception among the people that the fruitful effects of meditation last only till the time you are meditating. The moment you cease to meditate, the effects start to dwindle around. But in reality, meditation has a longing effect. Just like every other great benefit of meditation, this one is probably the most ideal one. These benefits wouldn’t be all that useful if they just lasted the time you spent meditating. Thankfully though the effects last outside the meditative state as long as you meditate regularly. Just 10 to 15 minutes of daily meditation can bring you all these benefits and keep you in good health by regulating your circulatory system and keeping a check on your blood pressure.

The Focus Factor

This is the most important and the most celebrated benefit of meditation. When you meditate every day, you mental health starts to prosper big time. The entire point of meditation is to focus your mind on one thing. It stands to reason that this single-minded focus will carry over to your daily life. This can be a very big help in your work life. For the students, this is the reason why the teachers keep stressing on the fact that they should meditate every day.


All of this can really be a motivating factor for you and make you all the way more eager to meditate and reap the benefits. Meditation works best when it is performed regularly so try to find a regular time when you can perform the art of meditation every day.

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