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7 Reasons to Why Eating Walnuts is good for your Health


Walnuts are very nutritious to health. They contain a decent amount of proteins, vitamins and minerals. They are easily available in the market and should be included in our daily diet. Walnuts have many reasons to take in diet as they are rich source of omega-3 fats which is rare in other substance. It helps in the growth of brain and has anti-cancerous properties. Not only is this, it is good for heart as it does not contain harmful cholesterol and not even fats. There are following reasons why one should include raw walnuts in their nuts:



Walnuts contain a decent amount of various types of vitamins like Vitamin A, B and E. These vitamins are important for our health. It is hard to find a number of vitamins in just one nut. Thus vitamin is one reason to eat them.

2. Minerals:


Walnuts contain very important vitamins like Potassium, iron and calcium. Calcium is important for bones and iron is important for get rid of thyroid problems.  Not only is this, walnuts also contains other minerals like manganese, copper, magnesium, selenium and zinc. Studies say that two ounces of walnuts reduces the risk of breast cancer. Also it keeps away the risk of tumors in humans. No other nut is there that have so many minerals and is free of fats and cholesterol which are harmful for heart. So start adding walnuts in your diet, if you have not yet.

3. Proteins and fats:


Walnuts contain a good amount of polyunsaturated fats which helps in reducing the bad cholesterol level and maintain the amount of good cholesterol in the body, thus reduces the risk of heart disease. The bets quality of walnuts is that it is a rich source of omega-3 fat acids. Walnuts are the only high quantity supplier of omega-3 fatty acids in the entire nut world, then why lose this. Omega-3 is very helpful for brain development which is not present in modern diet at all. Try to add this to your breakfast.

4. Get rid of diseases:


Research has shown that regular intake of walnuts helps in reducing the various health problems. It keeps away the joints pain as they provide lubrication and cushioning. Apart from this, it helps in reducing the weight which is a common problem in this modern world due to unhealthy diet. Actually, the fiber, protein and fat already present in walnut helps in reducing the urge to eat junk foods. The fat already present in walnut is sufficient enough to keep up the requirement. It is reported that walnuts have good healing properties.  Not only is this, it keeps hair healthy and avoid the dryness in the skin. One more fact to learn about walnut is that, it lowers the blood pressure and are anti-inflammatory. It helps in the arthritis problems and slow down the rate of growth of tumor.

Isn’t it amazing that walnuts looks the shape of two hemispheres of brain and also support brain. Handful of walnuts keeps away the depression problem and improve the growth of your memory. Walnuts are an excellent food for your memory and for the cognitive function. It is observed that, 7 to 8 walnuts contains 50% copper, 3 grams of omega-3 acid and 53 % of manganese which is amazing and rare in other nuts. Thus walnuts is said to be the king of nuts.

5. Men:

Research has shown that, walnuts are a great example to charge men’s fertility. It is known as the food which increases the motality, morphology of sperm and vitality in the body of men. It is recommended that men should take walnuts a handful per day. Regular intake of walnuts by men keep away the fertility problems.

6. Make it delicious:

Walnuts can be taken in various forms. We can make its creamy dip by mixing frozen edamame, parsley, garlic, plain yogart and mixing all of them with walnuts. This creamy dip is very helpful for heart and circulatory system. You can make it according to the taste another recipe can be delicious spread, one can toast walnuts in the oven and blend it with garlic, chickpeas and ass salt like pepper for taste. This delicious spread can served in the breakfast which can make everyone crazy and increase the hunger to have it daily. Walnuts are free from fats and cholesterol and hence can be added in our daily diet. It is said that quarter cup of walnut can cover 90% of the daily diet.

7. Compounds present:

Walnuts acts as an antioxidants. It supplies a compound called ellagic acid which improves the immune system. It also contains alpha-liolenic acid which keep lowers the amount of bad cholesterol and reduce oxidative stress. Not only is this, it contains a hormone called melatonin. This hormone is produced by the pineal gland in the body to induce and regulate sleep. Thus walnuts are more helpful for the people above the age of 40. The anti-cancerous property make it more famous. Walnuts have so many qualities and after knowing all this, one should not avoid walnuts and start having them regularly.



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