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7 reasons why to eat an apple a day


“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is a very common quote among us which our mom tell us and give a handful of apple. It’s true, even doctors recommend it. Apple has so many strong benefits that one should not resist. It is a power food which provides energy and helps in digesting the food in the stomach. It has a low content of fat calories and helps in keeping a=our body fit and fine, it is also said that it helps in the growth of brain and memory. Apple is highly recommended for the growing children to provide them the necessary fiber and nutrients. Following are the reasons to why you should add the apple in your diet.

1. Keeps away respiratory diseases:


Research has shown that apple keeps the health fit and fine. A handful of apple in the daily diet helps keeping away the respiratory problems. It is seen in children that who are regular in taking apple face less problems of asthma than the ones who do not have an eating habit of apple. Moreover, when the mother is pregnant, she should eat apple regular this will help their children as they would not suffer with the respiratory problems ever in the life compare to the women who do not take the apples.

2. Vitamins:


Apple is said to be the king of fruits. It has so many advantages and benefits that one could not resist, it provides a lot of various nutrients which are necessary for the health. It contains flavonoids and Vitamin C, A. Moreover, it also contains various minerals like phosphorous, calcium and iron. Not only is this, it also provides potassium which helps in keeping the health of the heart. These are some necessary components of fruit which are required for good health.

3. Control Cholesterol level:

It has been shown that apple does not contain much cholesterol as our modern foods do. It keeps the cholesterol in control and thus lowers the risk of lung cancer. It is reported that it lowers the bad cholesterol and keep high the good cholesterol in the body. Actually apple contains components like naringin and flavonoids quercetin, which helps in lowering the risk of lung cancer in the body. Thus, apple not only provides necessary nutrients, but also helps in fighting the diseases related to health.

4. Prevention of breast cancer:

Research at Cornell University, says that the intake of various numbers of apples has shown different results. This research has been done on rats, which shows that the breast cancer problem can be minimized up to 19 % if one apple per day is given and this risk can be reduced to 39 % if three apples per day is given. Also, if six apples are given than the risk is reduced to 44%. Thus, one can easily conclude that how important an apple is to everyone, whether a young one or an old one. Thus, you should start eating apple and include it in your daily diet.

5. Weight loss:


Apple contains the minimum amount of fats and only 60-80 calories. It is reported that women who eat apple daily tend to lose more weight in comparison to women who is about dieting. Apple is very useful in maintaining the weight of the body. It should be regularly taken by health conscious women. Moreover, it is shown that nearly 33% of weight can be reduced with the help of apples.

6. Keeps away the diseases:

There are lots of diseases which can be cured by apples. Diabetes is one among them. An element named pectin is found in apple, which helps in supplying the necessary galactruronic acid. This acid helps in reducing the insulin content in the body up to a decent amount and helps in curing the diabetes. Not only is this, it also helps in curing the liver cancer up to a great extent. It is shown that up to 57% it helps in reducing the risk of liver cancer. Moreover, nearly 43% it helps in reducing the risk of colon cancer. This is the reason why everyone says an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Thus start adding apple to your daily diet.

7. Perfect bones:


Apart from curing the diseases apples also keeps the health of bone fit and fine. Apple helps women most in this regard as it contains an element flavonoid called phloridzin which is said to be found only in apples.  This acid is very helpful for women in their postmenopausal from developing osteoporosis and helps in increasing the bone density. This is a plus point for the women. Not only is this, boron is also found in apples which also helps in maintaining the strength of bones in the body. Bones are the important part of the body without which we cannot function and thus they need attention. Apples are the best way to get all these benefits in a just one. Moreover, another ingredient called cider vinegar is also found in the apple, which reduces the formation of stones in the kidney. It also reduces the skin diseases up to a decent level. So these are the benefits of apples which should not be avoided.



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