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7 foods to stay away from


Sometimes it is simply not your call. Not that you do not have the essential skills, it is because it was not the nature’s call. Ye you are thinking right. If you are among those people who have trouble in the morning, then please do not shy away from reading this article. It can happen to anyone and everyone. It is always better to take the preventive steps rather bear the pain afterwards. Just as some foods help you to relieve of that uncomfortable feeling of bloating, constipation and flatulence there are some which can actually cause when taken in excess. They can have a binding effect and if you are troubled with your regulars, then you must avoid these foods.

  1. Dairy products


Dairy products like milk, cheese are advised by the doctors to the small and the young. They have a major role to play in their growth. But if you have started to develop an extra liking for them, then watch out for gas and bloating. Doctors also say that the lactose present in the dairy products has a binding effect. The fat content is quite high but there are hardly any fibers present. In fact, since these are mostly consumed by the toddlers, they are at the highest risk of suffering from discomfort. The next time you see a baby cry, it might not be because he is irritating!

  1. Caffeine


Caffeine is a conundrum when it comes to being a constipating food. If you are well hydrated, then consuming caffeine can actually enhance your bowel movements. It will act as a stimulant. But if you are dehydrated, then you may find yourself in pain. Caffeine present in coffee, black tea and chocolate must be avoided.

  1. Chocolate


Chocolate is a big no-no. Researchers say that the large amount of fat present in them hampers the digestive process. It basically slows down the muscle movement. In scientific terms it can cause peristalsis or muscular contractions and cause an irritable bowel movement. Gorge on something else if you have a sweet tooth.

  1. Snacks


Snacks such as potato chips, cookies are the best refreshment these days. We have completely forgotten to include fibrous fruits and side vegetables in our diet. This is the main reason behind the increasing cases of constipation. Chips are high in fat content, which ultimately delays the digestion. It leads to a too-full feeling in the stomach, hence constipation occurs. Refined sources of carbohydrates like cookies, pastries, cakes and crackers are also the culprits. They can strike out three things when it comes to affecting your bowel movements. They are pretty low in fiber; contain almost no fluid and high in unwanted fat. Reduce the intake of such foods and do not chuck eating highly fibrous fruits. Fresh fruits are a great source of roughage and very good to make your intestines clean.

  1. Bananas


Interestingly, bananas are judged on the basis of their ripeness. Unripe bananas are given to the patients of uncontrolled motion. Hence they are certainly not to be taken while constipated. But ripe bananas help in the efficient bowel movement. Similar to caffeine, they can also pose as a conundrum. The scientific reason behind this is that green bananas contain a lot of starch. This is very hard for the body to digest. While ripe bananas contain a lot of water soluble fibers. This can help in efficient muscular movement and you will certainly not face any constipation related problems. Hence make it sure before buying them and eating them that they are perfectly yellow and ripe.

  1. Meat and eggs


If you are looking for proteins, then leguminous foods like peas can be a great source of proteins and fibers as well. But if you are a great fan of meat and eggs, like me, then you must consume them in moderation and with care. Studies show that if the meat is not properly cooked, it can play havoc with your digestive system. Eating a large portion of meat, especially red meat can get you constipated. It has high fat content; it can slow down the digestive process. It is highly rich in unwanted and tough proteins and fibers. The stomach is a sensitive organ and it cannot digest such fibers. Regular consumption of red meat can make you lethargic for the entire day. Also they are rich in iron which is one of the main causes of constipation. If you are a big fan of meat and cannot do away with it, then you must not include it in your daily diet. Take fibrous foods along with it like a large salad.

  1. Fried and frozen


One cannot control the urge to eat those greasy, fried foods. Ask yourself if you can say no to those tempting French fries, or the deeply fried fish, onion rings and doughnuts. I am sure you all will get a big no for an answer. But the truth is they have a tendency to slow down the digestive tract. They can slow down the normal bowel movement. There are other not so tasty yet healthy methods of cooking them as well. Steaming can be a very good option. Take care!


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