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7 foods to avoid for a flat belly


With the sun making it impossible for people to function in such terrible,terrible heat, people are finding it difficult to cope up with the heat. Some of the girls are flaunting their flat bellies in cute crop tops while some are just taking off from work ad hopping onto the beaches. Summers tend to be really hard on people who already struggle with weight issues, since one is likely to feel hungrier and thirstier during summer. You all gulp down enormous amounts of fattening foods each day to quench your thirst or calm down those roaring hunger pangs. As a result, your whole diet goes for a toss. Your stomach is unable to absorb the fat and therefore you end up putting on weight and all your plans of wearing the tiniest clothes go down the drain. So here are foods you must avoid to get a flat belly.

1) Sodas

Okay so ordering a diet soda instead of a regular one won’t make you any slimmer. Diet sodas in fact could be more harmful than regular sodas because they contain artificial sweeteners which are way sweeter than the regular sweetening agents. Sodas have a huge sugar content and it just fills your belly with air which makes it look bigger. Ever wondered why you feel so heavy suddenly after you have had soda? That’s your answer. Soda ruins your metabolism because of the sugar it contains, making you feel lazy and weakening your metabolism. So the trick is to switch to healthier options like freshly squeezed juices, coconut water, lemon water or smoothies.

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2) Canned foods

They might taste delicious and you might find them convenient since you just gotta heat them and they’re ready to be devoured. But to be honest and believe what studies reveal, canned foods are just deceptive. Canned foods need to be preserved for a long period of time and therefore they contain high amounts of sodium, sugar and trans fats. Foods that are high in sodium content makes your body retain more water than usual which results in bloating. And when you’ve got too much water retained inside of you, you simply don’t wanna put any efforts towards shedding those pounds off. It’s time to say no to canned foods and switch to normally cooked food.


3) White Rice

White rice might be your staple food that you religiously include in your lunches, but they might be the reason for your increasing waistline. White rice has been refined and stripped of the outermost and innermost layers of grain, removing most of the fiber, nutrients, and proteins. White rice is insanely rich in carbohydrates which makes your body retain more water which causes bloating. Also, white rice gets digested quickly. Therefore it is unable to make you feel satiated and you end up eating more than you should. If you find it hard to give up rice, then eat it in moderation because moderation is the key to weight loss.


4) Alcohol

Alcohol might be the only thing that keeps some people going and a lot of you might enjoy are drinks but you pay little heed to the fact that it contributes greatly in making your belly pile up on unnecessary fat. Alcohol has little benefits and enormous amounts of sugar. It has really high caloric content just like sweets. And alcohol makes you lose control of your senses and you consume more than your body can manage. Just a single drink can lead you into drinking more uncontrollably and consuming sugar in excess which you could have easily done without.


5) Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise might taste delicious but it is make from lard oil and loads and loads of fat. Mayonnaise has such high fat content that it makes it the most fattening food item next to oil. Don’t think that adding mayonnaise to your salad might sideline the ill effects that it has on your health. Mayonnaise being so fattening, unfortunately, makes all may based foods equally fattening too. To avoid having a big belly, try adding healthier alternatives to mayonnaise like hummus, low fat cottage cheese and olive oil. It’s a pity how the foods that taste the best are the most fattening ones.


6) Fried Chicken

Fast food is obviously the most fattening food that exists. Chicken is lean meat, but when it is soaked in yogurt and deep dried in great amounts of oil only makes it the unhealthiest food ever. Chicken is naturally high in saturated fat and dried chicken is usually cooked in trans fats which every dietitian would warn you about. Chicken might actually help you lose weight because it is filling, if eaten in the right forms. Try including grilled or boiled chicken in your diet rather than bingeing on fried chicken.


7) Ice Cream

I hate to include this one is this list because hey, who doesn’t love ice cream? But truth is. ice cream does make you fat which will in turn make your belly flat and keep you from shedding weight around your belly. Ice cream must contain more than ten percent of milk fat to qualify the being-called-an-ice-cream test which only proves that it is high fat food. It can also sometimes build up fat and make you look even fatter when you don’t want to. Switch to homemade yogurt to calm down those crazy hunger pangs.


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