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7 do’s and don’ts of hair oiling


One of the most controversial debates in the world of hair oiling is that whether to oil one’s hairs or not. Those who are in favour firmly say that oil provides nourishment and is like a food to hair. Thus, it makes hairs withstand stress, pollution and much more. On the contrary, people who are not hair-oil lovers claim that the oil leaves hairs sticky, alters scalp’s pH and block hair follicles. However, the true fact is that none of them is completely true. Oiling is beneficial for hair is not 100% true since there are some limitations which can’t be ignored. You cannot put oil the way you want and expect magic to happen. Similarly, oiling is not beneficial for hair is also not entirely true. You cannot go for ages without oiling and expect a good hair health.

Keep these 7 points in mind to get optimum results out of hair oiling:

1 Never let oil stay on your hairs for long.


People have this misconception in their minds that the longer the oil stays on their heads; the better it is for their hairs. Ideally, one must wash their hairs after an hour of applying oil. But those who are suffering from problems like intense hair fall, weak hairs, frizzy hairs etc, can let it stay for 3-4 hours. In no situation the oil should stay for more than this. People even let oil stay on their hairs for days; this can block one’s hair follicles and even reduce the scalp’s pHs. One of the reason that why people consider applying oil for more than 12 hours and even for days is because of looking at people of south and other places and admiring their long black tresses. On this issue, experts say that heredity can be one of the reasons behind their long and thick hairs and remaining worry if any is compensated by the goodness of coconut oil which these people use. Another thing, notice hairs of people who always let oil stay on their hairs, you will find a shine but oily shine. If you desire a glossy shine, then drop this idea.

2 Never oil your hairs more than twice a week.


If you want to get the hairs of your dreams then you can’t overlook this point. You should always remember that oil is like food for your hairs. Oils not only nourishes scalp but forms a coating over hair shaft and smoothens it. Oils can make your hairs get detangled fast and manageable. They add natural gloss. Since they are full of vitamins, anti oxidants and other beneficial elements, it prevents damage and even reduces the effect of already damaged hairs.

 3 Always massage you head in circular motion while applying oil.

hair massage

Oils will show only half effect if you won’t massage your head properly. Massaging in circular motion enhances the blood circulation in scalp. Due to which the hair roots get the desired amount of oxygen and essential nutrients from the body. It also promotes hair growth and makes hair follicles healthier. Also a good massage can act as a stress buster, which is one of the main causes of hair fall and hair thinning.

4 Don’t go for weeks without oiling your hairs.

hairoil for hair growth

Remember that if you will dare to do so then there are high chances that you will end up having dry, frizzy, lifeless, dull and tangled hairs with no strength in them. Oiling is a must to strengthen hairs tensile strength and to improve the elasticity of each hair strand.

5 Always warm oil before applying.


Oils especially coconut oil and olive oil are better absorbed if you will warm them a little before use. Don’t end up heating it too much. It should be warm such that it can be easily touched.

6 Don’t use too much shampoo while washing hairs post oiling.

Experts say that people end up using twice the amount of shampoo during washing their hairs post oiling. This does more harm than good. As this can strip the natural oils from your scalp as well. Moreover, the oil won’t be able to do any good to your hairs and the excess shampoo will make your hairs even duller than before. You will then keep on wondering about the goodness of oils since even after weeks of applying oils you still have the same kind of hairs. Hence use only that amount of shampoo which you generally use without oil. A little negligence on this part will make everything go wrong.

7 Never make your hair bathe in oil while massaging oil on your head.

People often take oiling seriously and end up submerging their hairs in oil totally. That extra oil does no good and this is actually wastage of oil. If you will always have too much oil on your scalp for too long then remember that your scalp can stop producing the natural oil. Also, too much oil can weaken the hair follicles and make your hairs look greasy. Then you will have to use more shampoo while washing and thus at the end you will end up doing more damage than before!

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