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7 Different Ways to Rock the same LBD


How many times have you heard statements like “You can never go wrong with a Little Black Dress” or “One can never be over or under dressed in a Little Black Dress”? Tons of times right? But nothing in the world of fashion can be truer than this. If you have a classic Little Black Dress (LBD) hanging proudly in your closet then your life is sorted and all your fashion woes for getting ready for a party or an outdoor event can be solved in minutes. As versatile as an LBD can be it will effortlessly give you a drop dead gorgeous look no matter how you choose to sport it. And believe me there are much more number of ways in which the same LBD can be flaunted than you ever thought of. And needless to mention they will turn you into life of the party!

All you going to need are some accessories and stuff and a fashionably creative brain. While you grab the former things I have already covered the latter one for you. Here are 7 different ways in which you can turn your same LBD into a completely new outfit every night.

Style it with a belt

When it comes to accentuating your waist nothing does it better than a belt. You can wear a smart belt around the smallest part of your waist or just below your bust depending on which works best for your body type and with your LBD. One can wear a metallic belt to glam up the LBD or a bright colored belt to throw in some instant pop of color. Match the belt with your heels to get a completely sorted and fashionable look.

Wear a Statement Neck piece

Statement neck pieces can do wonders for your outfit and raise your style quotient up a few notches in a few moments. Wear a chic and trendy statement necklace or a piece of junk jewelry with your otherwise plain LBD. But make sure you let the necklace do the talking. Do not add any more accessories or keep them very minimal while the neck piece steals the show for you. An alternate idea would be adding two or more long chain neck pieces to get a boho chic inspired look.

Add a sleeved top underneath

ways to rock LBD

This idea is new and fresh and it will certainly give you regular LBD a new life. Wear a button down top, preferably full sleeved underneath your LBD so that the neck and the sleeves create a whole new look for you. Try bright colors or you can go for a black top too. I really liked how this plain red sleeved top completely changes the look of the black dress.

Put on a Leather jacket

ways to rock LBD 2

Adding a smart leather jacket can amazingly give your little black cocktail dress an edgier look. You can create contrast by wearing the leather jacket in brown or maroon color or even a black one can work pretty well(I love the ones with chunky golden chains). But before wearing a leather jacket over your LBD, make sure it fits you well as an ill fitted jacket can look like a fashion blunder. It can be a great idea to sport when the weather is a little chilled and at the same time it will create a great new look for your LBD. Check out this fabulous outfit to get some jacket inspiration.

Team it up with a coat

Where the leather jacket could give you an edgy look, teaming up your pretty LBD with a coat will make it look feminine or even professional (you can actually go to office in it). Wear a bright colored coat like one in orange or fuchsia pink color to make you look distinctive from the crowd in the party. For a little toned down look you can always wear a feminine white blazer to make you look all cute and pretty.

Add a Detachable embellished collar

ways to rock LBD 3

This is one of my personal favorites and with such huge variety of all kinds of embellished collars available in market it makes it even easier to get this look. And does this look adorable? Of course it does! Adding an embellished collar can work for high neck dresses and you shall match the color of the embellishments with your footwear or a clutch. One can go bold and daring with an embellished collar in neon hues or stick to the conventional metallic stoned ones. These are only a few styles you can pick from.

Wear a fishnet dress over the LBD

ways to rock LBD 4

You wouldn’t have thought of it would’ve you? But this idea is pure genius! In fact it will make pretty hard for anybody to figure out that you are actually wearing your same old LBD. You can wear a sheer fishnet dress or a mesh dress over your LBD to achieve an amazing downtown effect. And no it doesn’t look outrageous but quite trendy. You sure need to pull it off well to make your outfit take the center stage. Check out this great look to get some fashion inspiration!

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