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7 Different Types of exes You’ll encounter


Relationships come in all forms and sizes, heights and weights, fleshy and psychological details; and so does exes. When the best of the rest relationship slowly comes to an end and the arguments and opinions take a toll towards your existence, there is emergence of a new significant storm. A transformation that lets you believe in the harshness of the world you live in. Sooner or later, your ex would fall into a stereotype that is coveted as the list below.

Take a look at all the ranges of exes you have had or going to have:

The Heating Furnace

In simple words, the angry ex who knows everything about the world except handling of a breakup with delicacy. There might be a chance that even a mention of your name around will pull out the venomous rage inside them. They disgust you from the core of their heart. Also if you happen to be the sole reason behind the breakup, you should be prepared for the bitterness. Because that’s what going to cost you for betraying all the cuddles that she laid thereafter. Even if you don’t happen to be the one at wrong place at wrong time, just go with the flow and give them some space and time. Love and hate are not the two faces of the coins, but the same seasons of different years.


The broken-hearted lover

They are all shattered and in tears after what happened to be the tragic accident in this beaming train of seasonal love. They are eager to pay for their mistakes or ready to forgive yours, just to repair the damage the two of you had caused to the relationship. You would seldom see them pass by, but will constantly hear the pain of their misery from your mutual friends and how it’s been so hard on her/him. It would be better to keep things the same away, as giving any wind to such a flow will only cause storm in the later seasons.


The lethal

It doesn’t matter that the blood is in whose hands, their comeback is lethal and dangerous. They have no control over the actions they’re going to take and no remorse of anything that happened in the past. They will threaten you, stalk you, and take impromptu actions to segregate you from your safety environment. They would lose any kind of decency and respect and will make you suffer for the things you did/didn’t do in the relationship. There’s no way you can handle this alone. Better call for some help and pursue safeguard of some kind.


The Pal

Spoiler Alert: They do exist. And if they do in your life, we are sure that the breakup must have been some kind of mutual understanding and was a decision for the better of both the entities in the relationship. So, while the couple is out of picture at the moment, the situation which is in front of you is the devoured form of respect relationship between two individuals who knows everything deep down their soul and are not going to get under each other pants. They’re hard to get, hold on to such specials.


The Mean Girl

We just wanted to give the mean girls references, otherwise this ex could preferably be of any gender specific. It won’t even matter who was at fault in the breakup, their reaction to it would be the very kind of preschool. They will root for every single mistake or susceptibility you were in the past, and dig them for their ammo. They will try to scare you off with the secrets you’ve shared with them and will latch on any other provocative just to win the breakup. Well, the best thing to do about them is nothing. Ignore them that are the best pay-off.


The Voldemort

The one who can’t be named, yet alone passing by their vicinity. They’re the ones whose presence around will create a vide that you don’t want to get into in the worst of your nightmares. The places you’ve visited together are a taboo now. If they happen to live in the same city after the big breakup, even travelling becomes less fathomable for you as you’re always cautious about who you can bump onto next. There is just so much of them attached to your skin and bones, that it’s a huge deal of letting go. Well, give yourself some time. It will get over.


Ex with benefits

Well these exes are more dangerous than the lethal ones, as they can track you back on the lost cause. But you don’t seem to care as the love is out of the picture, the love juices are still in their control and you can’t help but feel the ecstasy of the chemistry you’ve bonded in the practice sessions of relationships. With time, nothing comes closer to you than the smell of their skin. But as said before, keep caution in your mind otherwise be ready to get burnt. As obviously, you’re going to get burned real hot.


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