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7 desserts you cannot help but love


I am a dessert person. I crave sweets more than men, love, company, money everything. When someone says all you need is chocolate to lift your spirits that person is most likely me, you don’t even have to look to guess. My midnight hunger pangs also usually comprise of my out of place untimely need for a mouth watering dessert in my tummy. I know a lot of people who love desserts like I do, don’t know if the intensity is the same but they’ve got a sweet tooth too. And I wouldn’t blame them because even if chocolate causes pimples, I’d rather stay home all day and have it instead of going out and showing that pimple face to anyone. It’s like the obvious choice. A dessert meal is just about as good as any other meal in the world and it’s common to both vegans and non vegetarians so even the vegans won’t usually worry about whether the dessert has egg or what else it comprises of because it’s edible, it’s sweet and it explodes like a bomb of happiness in your mouth and it’s effect lasts pretty long believe me. For all you dessert fans, I have a list of my top 10 desserts which you shouldn’t miss even if all hell’s breaking loose.


  1. Banoffee pie:

Okay so this is caramel, banana and whipped cream. And well just about all you need to make your day. It’s pretty important that’s cooked well though and the biscuity bottom isn’t too hard but if it’s well made, your day’s made too. Some people find it extremely sweet but if executed correctly, it’s just a plate full of perfection. Happiness served in 3 layers of mouth watering ingredients and once you’ve had it, you’ll never get enough of it I promise you that.


  1. Red velvet cake:

It’s one of those not so difficult to make things, and doesn’t always even look very alluring even though red velvet cupcakes are quite a sight to look at but well, what I love most about this is the cream cheese icing. It’s like 5 notches above buttercream frosting any day, literally beats the hell out of it. It’s one of those cakes that leave quite an impression, you don’t forget to order it at the next birthday party or next big occasion and usually becomes an instant favourite with most people. I clearly wouldn’t blame them.


  1. Mango cheesecake:

The best thing about cheesecakes is that they’re cake, and yet very cheesy and soft so they melt into your mouth instantly. I personally don’t have a taste for blueberries else blueberry cheesecake is quite popular too. But mango cheesecake is my personal favourite as far as cheesecakes are concerned. It’s mouth watering, it’s exceptionally soft and just the right amount of sweet, and that’s well cause’ there’s mango on top right, nothing could go wrong with that.


  1. French chocolate cake:

What’s the difference between a regular chocolate cake and a French chocolate cake? Just that it’s the most gooey, chocolate-y and delicious kind of chocolate cake there is. It looks just like an ordinary chocolate cake but it’s not all that cakey, like it’s somewhere between a cake and a really soft brownie which makes it even more appealing. I love brownies, especially hot walnut brownies with chocolate sauce, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream, and this is just like the best chocolate cake you’re going to have so it’s a must try.


  1. Toblerone mousse:

Okay, before you even taste it I think you sort of fall in love because of how it looks. It’s got heavenly looks and it’s the kind of tempting that would leave you puzzled as to whether you should just stare at it for a while or gulp it down already because it looks so freaking delicious. If having this was a sin, I’d happily be sitting behind the bars, that’s the kind of yummy it is. If it isn’t there already, it should definitely be on your wishlist because I highly recommend it to all dessert lovers out there.


  1. Nutella cheesecake:

Who doesn’t love nutella now? And when a whole freaking cheesecake is made out of it and it melts perfectly into your mouth isn’t that just kind of a dream come true? Well, this is one dream which really has come true because you can find Nutella cheesecake at quite a few bakeries now, you should just have the eye for it.


  1. Pumpkin pie:

For some odd reason I just love this one. I can’t assure you that you’d have a taste for it but It’s my favourite pie, and probably walnut pie comes next. But if you get from the right place this could really take you places. One of those things that’ll perfectly settle your midnight dessert craving without a lot of effort. Don’t hesitate in trying this out, you might actually fall in love.


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