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7 characteristics of a successful person


When it comes to successful people, Steve jobs and Franklin come to mind. As if these people are born to achieve success and we compare ourselves with them that way we cannot be like them. Why our photo is not there in the rupee note. We also ask successful people, their key to success so that we can follow them and achieve something big like them. But success is not meant to gain money. It can be in any form big or small. Following give are the common characteristics which every successful person said to have. Research has shown that such share common trails. Some of them are listed below:

1. Goal Oriented:


Most of us wait for the success to come to our door or we could achieve something by luck. But it never happens. Successful people never wait for the luck to happen to them. They themselves make their life and chose the way to run. Successful people are very goal oriented, no matter how big and complex the goal is. When they do, they do, no matter what it takes. It is said that if we take complex goal and break it into parts, the goal can be easily achieved. Getting success on those little parts makes a bigger success.

2. Hard Working:


Successful people never sit idle or wait for someone else to do their work. This is the most important feature of every successful man on earth. A study has shown that most of the wealthy people today are self-made and decide their own future and goals. Till you do not sacrifice and work hard, lives will give you nothing. To achieve bigger success, you have to work hard and sacrifice up to a level. A survey has shown that our of the all the billionaires today, only 22 % of them got the money handed, the rest is all self-made and achieved everything in life with their own success.

3. Enthusiastic:


This is the common feature which every successful person shares. They achieve success because they love whatever they do and keep on trying. They are really passionate to achieve their goal. These people never stop or demoralized, instead they keep on trying after facing the failure. Unlike us, who change their after the failure and decide not to waste more time on this. If you spend time with them, you will get to know how geeky, they are and they will talk only about their subject.

4. Decisive:

It is reported that, successful people are very decisive and believes in quick thinking. Quick thinking is really important in this competitive world. If you keep on thinking for years what to do next, you may lose your precious time and someone else will get the chance. In business it is really important to make nice and quick decisions. A survey has shown that, today people hardly follows: slow and steady wins the race. However the story helps in certain cases, but we cannot wait for years to make decisions.

5. Good communication skills:


Moving over to the next important feature, communication skills which are far more important than anything else. Successful are good at articulating their idea into reality. They are never afraid of public speaking and they make friends very fast and impress people by their talent. They are very talented and like to handle the complex situations very easily. They present themselves to the public very well and gather crowd fast. Good communications today is very important to set your business or to discuss your millionaire idea among the team. So start working on your communication skills from now and never hesitate in public speaking.

6. Self-aware:

Self-awareness is seen to be most common every rich and successful person. They know very well what to do, what they are capable of and what they can achieve. They do the thing which gives them the best success, instead of wasting time on everything. They are said to be very determined and very attentive towards their goal. So, if you want to follow them, try to send some time with yourself, try to understand at what thing you are best and what you can achieve easily and what are your interests. These things are really important to consider.

7. Risk-taking:


This is another feature which comes on the list. Research has shown that out of 100 who have taken the risk of their life only 14 got failed, rest has achieved a big success. Risk taking is very important in your life. This may change your life. Successful people are always ready to take risks. As said do or die, they follow this quote. When Apple launched the I phones they took a big risk, but see it is a big success toady. Successful are always ready to take risk in a very calculate and well planned manner. If they fail, they take time and think about the failure and try not to make them again. This is how successful people think and do. Their life is not at all easy, but they never stop. These are the common features discussed above. So, try them out!





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