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7 billion people, 14 billion faces


“Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.”

–  William Shakespeare


How well do you think you know people? It is possible that you may think you know someone completely but still there is something that the particular is keeping from you. It doesn’t necessarily mean that he/she is lying to you and is not trustworthy, but there are some things which are better left as they are rather than knowing them.

If you trust a person and think that he/she is hiding something from you, you also then need to trust the fact that there might be a good enough reason for them to do so. Not everyone these days are open about what they feel or about what they have done in the past. There are some things in our life, good or bad, that we want to keep it to ourselves rather than tell it out to the world or a person in particular. It is sometimes for the better that we need to keep away some or the other information hidden about us and also be okay if someone we trust has kept a few secrets.

Everyone in this world has a secret to keep and also it’s possible that he/she hides or covers his/hers intentions and not let you know about it. People tend to act and show that they are something else to the world but in reality they are totally a different person. Just like a coin has two sides, the people also have two faces.
They never portray their true feelings and intentions unless they want to. There is always something that a person hides because they are too afraid of being judged by the society, this is one of the many reasons that people choose to hide themselves from others, the fear of being judged.


There are people in everyone’s life that they trust the most for e.g. someone you love. You usually do not hide much from such persons because you know that they will understand you no matter what, on the other hand if you do not trust the person enough you might think that there is a slightest of possibilities that the one you chose to spend your life with might just leave you after knowing how you truly are.

People sure do have their own reasons as to why not to show their true self to the world. No one in this world is the way they show themselves, there is always something or the other, be it small or big that they are hiding.

A person maybe jolly and a very fun loving when around people i.e. on the outside, but deep down he/she must be feeling sad and lonely.
There are many TV series that have been based on this fact like Breaking Bad and Dexter.
In these series the lead character has a completely different image in front of the world but in his real life he is a totally different person. They have their reasons for keeping such stuff a secret but the main one, as I mentioned earlier is the fear of being judged by the society.

Some people keep themselves quite reserved from others, they are not anti-social but just don’t like the fact of opening up their entire life for the world to see. They too have their reasons; they think that keeping some of their stuff a secret from others might be good for them. They can do things their way and the way they like without anyone’s interference and so called advice. They feel happy as long as they keep such stuff to themselves.
There are many people in this world who have exceptional talent in writing, dancing etc and could easily make a carrier out of it but they do not come out in front of the world. They make us think that they are just ordinary dancers or writers but in reality they are quite spectacular. They do this because it makes them feel happy and they feel that their happiness might vanish or fade away if they were to come out in public, so they prefer to keep that side of them hidden.

People only show that side of themselves which they want too. It is quite possible that two people know the same person in an entirely different way, which depends on how the person shows himself/herself to you.
It isn’t always that people have some bad motives in hiding their true self, it is possible that they don’t want to share something with you because that thing is way too special for them to put outside in the real world, we must understand that for even we have our secrets (good or bad) that we would not like to share it with anyone.

We always think we know someone in and out but that is just not possible. There is always something no matter how close you are that a person needs to hide from you.
That is why it’s said,” Appearances are often deceiving”.

Nov 12

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