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7 Artists/Bands that would help your spiritual journey


Music and Spirituality are two different coins altogether. But when we take the term Music and join the spiritual attribute, we realise the utmost aspiration of universal consciousness. The sound of inner music is the rhythm on which spirituality flows and that’s the perfection human‘s life transformation is dependent on.

Well, it’s not possible for everyone to be a yogic mahatma and a musician at the same moment but there are certain bands that had made possible this connotation with the help of their divine music. These musical talents might not be on their verge of realisation of the one-being but their music has the sole capacity to do so, and that music is the reason that establishes the conscious reunion with god.

Here are some of the bands that made their way to the spiritual journey and helped many on the line.

The Jubiliaries

This is a band of American gospel group that was very much active between the time period of 1940s and 50s and became famous with the song titled “Praise the Lord and Pass the ammunition”. The song reached the #10 rank in the top charts which was believed to be adapted by the speech of some naval captain of Pearl Harbour.

There are various other songs like “Soothe Me” and “I know/ Get together with the lord” that made appearances in the top charts and keep trembling the people’s heart. Theirs was the music that contained various ups and downs and drumrolls like the descending of an unknown entity. That’s why the group became so famous among the spiritual lines.


Jessye Norman

This artist needs no introduction. Born in winter of 1945, this artist is an American opera singer who has adorned her decks with myriad of awards in the music genre including Grammys. She is pure believer of contemporary classical music and performs in the same genre. There are various roles for which she is remembered for and is even part of Georgia Music Hall of Fame. Her one of the most famous performance is the one with American spirituals with soprano Kathleene Battle that she performed in Carnegie hall in 1990.



With the mention of this name, I would like to pass my condolences to the long gone queen of American folk music. She was one of the typical spiritualists who believed not in sitting and waiting for the utmost consciousness but going out and grabbing it. She was a singer, actress, songwriter, lead guitarist along with being a core member of human right activists. She was often referred as the voice of Civil Rights movement, at times when she was not the queen of American folk music. She reimbursed the American folk music into life with her blues, jazz, and spirituals. She was influential as well as inspiration for the other of the time such as Bob Dylan etc. And I wouldn’t fail to mention that her song “Take the Hammer” is on the all time 100 songs put together by Time magazine.


Daniel Rodríguez

This Singing Policmema has won many hearts with its work of “God bless America” that he sang numerously on various events along with the several encounters in television. This New York City tenor with a collection of hundreds of awards has also performed for the president at the times of Bush where he was quoted in the thankful note by president himself.


William Orman Beeman

Spirituality and Music make wonders. And the example can be taken from this Chair of Department of Anthropology who is apart from being an expert of University of Minnesota is also an actor, author and a singer. The book under his name goes with the title “The Third Line”. And as mentioned, he also turns out to be an opera singer who writes and recites spirituals.  He was also awarded a reward for his service for opera baritone of George London.  He is a current activist and his works can be referred for a better knowledge of his ongoing theories.


Paul Leroy Robenson

Another dime of the Golden era- Paul Leroy Robenson, the African American singer who had an international career with a strong interest in football. His career started at the theatres and movies where he used to sing playbacks. He was a major activist in Civil Rights Movement and known for heading the concert of spirituals in order to raise charity for single mothers.

The group he later joined has its own magic over spirituals and was captivating nonetheless. Ill health of the star made way for his retirement, otherwise there could be several more other spirituals to please our ears.


Tim DeLaughter

Tipping Daisy and The Polyphonic Spree are the reason that made this songwriter cum singer grabbed attention. The band formed by him, Tipping Daisy released four albums through its course which contained singles like I am an Elastic Firecracker and I Got a girl that made their way to the top charts. His most songs were based on the awakening and of the one true god that everybody should believe in. This all made his way through the time of despair of band.


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