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7 Amazing Rosehip Oil Skin Benefits

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7 Amazing Rosehip Oil Skin Benefits

Rose hips of the dog rose

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So you tried replacing all of your beauty products with coconut oil, but your face isn’t that perfect porcelain quite yet, and you’re ready to experiment with something new. If you’re a celeb beauty junkie like me, you’ve heard wonders about the smoothing and anti-aging effects of rosehip seed oil — but does it really live up to the hype?

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Kate Blanc

Rosehip Seed Oil by Kate Blanc

Kate Blanc Cosmetics

Rosehip oil (which you can find for under $20 on is harvested from the seeds of rose bushes, and is full of vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids that supposedly do wonderful things for your face.

The common beauty trick from Chile has grown in popularity ever since Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr announced that she uses it regularly, and now over 5,000 reviewers on Amazon say it’s magic for fixing dull, acne-prone skin. Too good to be true? We checked in with the experts to find out the real deal.

“There is no scientific proof that rosehip seed oil is the best thing for your skin,” says Gary Goldenberg, MD, medical director of Mount Sinai Dermatology Faculty Practice, “but that’s not to say that this seed extract isn’t good for your skin.”

Like most beauty treatments out there, it may not work for everyone, but it certainly has some benefits that are real heavy-hitters. Here are the potential skin ailments you can try it out with and potentially get big results.



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Rosehip oil can work as a great natural alternative for moisturizing. “It has nourishing fatty acids, which along with water, is the main ingredient in most moisturizers,” says Goldenberg.

Laura Mercier Flawless Skin Infusion De Rose Nourishing Oil

Laura Mercier

For moisturizing, the Good Housekeeping Institute Beauty Lab likes Laura Mercier Infusion de Rose Nourishing Oil, a potent infusion of 10 natural oils including rosehip. The face oil earned high marks in a Lab test for hydrating skin for six hours. “It gave me back that dewy look I hadn’t seen in too long,” one tester raved. “My face has a healthy glow and looks younger, with fewer wrinkles,” another marveled.

Treating Wrinkles

Rosehip oil is packed with beauty essentials like anti-inflammatory fatty acids and vitamins A and C.

“These ingredients allow rosehip oil to treat signs of aging and pigmentation, hydrate skin and repair damaged skin, and provide a strong protective antioxidant boost — all without the oily feel of a traditional liquid oil,” says Sonam Yadav, MD, cosmetic dermatologist.

Brightening Skin

The astringent properties in rosehip oil help tighten your pores and brighten your skin, so adding a product like Art Naturals Rosehip Oil or Rosehip Oil by Kate Blanc to your skincare routine is great if your cheeks need a little brightening up. “Start with a small quantity in your daily routine: patting a few drops on cleansed skin at bedtime,” says Yadav.

Evening Out Skin Tone

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Supermodel Miranda Kerr swears by rosehip oil and uses it every night to help her skin stay even and flawless. Another purported fan: the Duchess of Cambridge, a.k.a., Kate Middleton.”Kate continues to use rosehip oil in her daily skincare regimen,” an anonymous source told US Weekly in 2015. “She loves the effect it has on her skin.” Her rumored brand of choice: Trilogy’s Rosehip Oil.

If you’ve been struggling to even out your skin tone or have red blotches you’re desperate to fade, this vitamin-packed cocktail is much easier on sensitive skin than lemon juice, so rub it on clean, damp skin both mornings and evenings.

Firming Skin

Rosehip oil may help your skin regain elasticity if you’ve noticed some sagging lately. Add a few drops to your face in the morning and again just before bed to help with fresh, younger-looking skin.

Fading Scars

The ultimate beauty ingredient trio — anti-inflammatory fatty acids and vitamins A and C — make this oil a potential solution for fading any facial scars or unsightly marks.

“Together these help undo and prevent oxidative damage and help the skin re-build collagen,” says Tsippora Shainhouse, MD, FAAD, clinical instructor at the University of Southern California. “It can help fade skin hyperpigmentation and potentially minimize the appearance of fine lines and even stretch marks.”

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Exfoliating Skin

exfoliating massage


Consider adding rosehip oil to your routine as a face wash. Similar to sugar and sea salt, rosehip seed oil can work as a natural exfoliator when combined with baking soda. But steer clear if your skin is acne-prone, as this oil can further irritate already forming blemishes or clog pores. Here are some (very affordable!) favorites if you’re convinced you want to stock up:

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