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6 Ways to Unwind


Life is weird. Or maybe it’s us who are weird but we blame life. We are fooled by everyone around us, literally. When we were in school, our parents told us that we only had to study till twelfth and get decent marks. We felt passing out of school would be the beginning of all the greatest things in the world. We were wrong. After getting into a good college, the struggle starts. College ends and then starts the race for landing up a job in an MNC. The race never ends. We often forget the simple joys of life because we’re engulfed by the little cubicle we work in. We all get so used to the 9 t 5 culture that we shut ourselves and forget that there’s a world beyond those four walls. We let the pressure build and find ourselves stressed at all times. This is everyone’s story. Do you think you can’t handle the stress anymore? Do you feel the need to take a break from the physically and mentally draining schedule of yours? Read on to find out ways to take a breather and relax. Unwinding can immediately boost up your efficiency and bring major positive changes to your personality.


1) Spend some alone time

To put this in the clearest way possible, a man who cannot enjoy his own company, cannot enjoy anybody else’s. Invest your time in doing something simple, that would successfully bring in joy. Go for a walk in the park, sit in the balcony sipping on some tea or just take a hot bath. These are some simple, inexpensive yet really effective ways to beat the stress and relax. Spending time with yourself would only make you feel more secure and cared for. Something as simple as cleaning the house while listening to your favorite music could put a much needed brake to your fast paced life.


2) Read

Reading empowers the mind. Reading liberates the soul. You might haven’t touched those neatly stacked books in your cupboard in ages and now would probably be the best time to give them a read. A good book is like a great companion. You soon find yourself lost and enchanted by the book which refreshes you to a great extent. Reading can calm your senses and make you have a newer perspective towards life. Words have the power to influence. Pick a new book, sit back on the couch and just read. Read till you feel you’re living the life of the characters mentioned in the book. Read to unwind and relax.


3) Maintain a Journal

Writing down the good and the bad that happened during the day can be another way of loosening up. Stress often culminates from thinking over some incident from the past again and again. You past is your past for a reason. You cannot change the past so holding onto little disappointments you faced in the past or the disagreements you had can be burdensome. Maintain a journal in which you pour out everything you feel, even the darkest secrets or the wildest information. Vent out your anger, your agony on that very piece of paper. You’ll feel good after you have let everything out and you’ll also be motivated by focusing on all the positives that happened in the day. Write in your journal each day and it’ll later become a much loved part of your memorabilia.


4) Travel

Nothing beats stress like travelling does. Close your eyes and place your finger over the map. Go to whichever place you put your finger on. Exploring new places, discovering the hidden charms and experiencing a whole new lifestyle is exhilarating. You leave behind all your worries, work and commitments to look forward to a completely unknown destination. The kind of bliss that you can experience by traveling to a totally new place is unparalleled. Meeting up with new people, having no set of rules restricting your lifestyle and not being accountable to anyone for even a limited period of days can be such a blessing.  heading off to any place you haven’t been to before can be liberating and you’ll come back feeling like a different person altogether!


5) Pamper yourself

This might sound a little extravagant but it is really worth it. Make that effort for your yourself just as you’d make it to impress a loved one. Go out, have a beer, buy a new pair of shoes, get a new hairdo at a high end salon, eat your favorite dessert for breakfast. Do whatever makes you happy. Spend on whatever pleases you because you have already worked hard enough to earn it and you have your whole life ahead of you to make loads of money.


6) De-clutter

Coming back to a house that is unorganized and dirty can take a toll on your mental health. Take it upon yourself to organize stuff your way and make the house reflect what kind of a person you are. Get rid of unnecessary objects that aren’t useful anymore and restore the lost vibe. You’ll find a change in your mental state after you have de-cluttered your environment. It would help you enjoy being home and bring in some clarity.


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