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6 Ways how Girl-friends make makes you feel SORTED !


A girl can have a fabulous boyfriend, a rocking group of friends and a really cool family but her life can never be complete without her girlfriends. Yes, we all have at least 1 girl in our life who is more than a best friend and god didn’t make us sisters just because he probably knew that our mom wouldn’t be able to handle us together!

They are our support system, our caretaker and with them it is really ‘hoes over bros’! You can have your tiny group of girlfriends or it may be just one, but there are a million ways in which a girlfriend will make your life sorted! Here are just 6 of them.

She is an Ultimate Shopping Partner

girlfriends 3

There is no denying the fact that girls like shopping. Well, ‘like’ is an understatement, we die to shop! And when our men bluntly refuse to accompany us as it is too much of a headache going on shopping with us (we can’t blame them either, we can be really picky!), we know who to call up. Our girlfriends! Not just they will be always ready for a shopping spree but they also prove to be the ultimate shopping partners. Being a girl they possess the same level of dedication towards searching the malls and markets to find the best of stuff in the least of prices. They are always fashion updated and until mission shopping is complete neither hunger nor tiredness can discourage them from going on.

She will always be up for gossip

What’s the thing that girls love more than shopping, or at least as much as shopping? Yes gossip! And no we don’t bitch all the time but it’s just harmless chit chat that girls can’t survive without. And for endless gossip sessions you need a person who just like you can go talking on and on and can also bear with your long tattles. It’s not that the girls just love to talk but they can also be very good listeners. Moreover they are always curious about things (even the most irrelevant of things) and that’s what makes our girlfriends such good gossip partners. We talk about hot guys, about fashion, other people’s dating history and just everything. And yeah once in a while doing some bitching is also not going to kill anybody! Moreover it’s damn fun!

She lends you stuff!

Girlfriends always share stuff among themselves. Clothes, novels, clothes, accessories, again clothes, you can share it all with her! Then be it a big date you have to get ready for, a job interview or a family function, you cannot just ask her for fashion feedback but can literally raid her wardrobe until you find something to suit you. And she wouldn’t mind because she knows she has rights over your wardrobe too!

She understands you more than a sister

Nobody on this planet can understand you the way your girlfriends do. Your spouse may fail to get why you are behaving in a particular way but your girlfriend always knows the truth behind it even if you haven’t told her. Then be it PMS or an emotional turmoil you are going through. She knows the shampoo brand you use to the store you buy your lingerie from and can decode the intricate programs running inside your head with such an ease. When your whole life starts appearing to be a mess and you get caught between the tangle of your emotions and drama a girlfriend will see you through, pick you from the mess, pour a glass of wine and make you dazzle just the way you should!

She always offers the sanest piece of advice

girlfriends 4

No matter what trouble puddle your pretty toes have stepped into, when you need some sincere piece of advice it’s not an agony aunt or a life coach you need to go to, but just a couple of hours of deep heart to heart conversation with your girlfriend will get you sorted. Since she knows you so well, she also knows what is in your best interest. She listens to you with all sincerity and not just glares at you when you tell her about your office drama, like your boyfriend or a guy friend would, and then she comes up with a rational solution. Then be it about the guys you should date or not or the overseas job you are confused about taking up, the sanest piece of advice will, by all likelihood, come from your girlfriend.

She makes your life fun!

girls faces with shades looking down

When your group of guy friends put on their leather jackets, load the back of their car with beer crates and leave on a road trip, your girlfriend will look quirkily in your eyes and say “why should guys have all the fun?” Girlfriends do make our life a hell more fun. Then be it sleepovers at your house or a wild girl’s nightout. They surely have some extra adrenaline pumping in them whenever your life begins appearing a little dull. We crack silly jokes, pull off mean pranks, spend nights on gossip and love each other till eternity!

Surely, girlfriends are our lifeline!

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